Stick to the team Part 2

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Reader POV

The strawberries than began to scan behind the ears of the fallen victims.

"Player 277, eliminated.
Player 74, eliminated.
Player 198 eliminated."

The womans voice trailing voice as I looked to my left of what I presumably guessed as a strawberry talking to 456. More staff starting to enter with coffins that looked like they were wrapped as a present.


Standing next to 001 I asked him "Old man how'd you get up there? One wrong move and you could've fallen and died." "We were worried about you ,sir, when you dissapeared." Said 199. "Nobody got hurt so that's good." 128 said after 199.

Sitting behind Sae I started to gently play with her hair. "We should tell each other our names and stop addresing each other as numbers." said 456.

Man just read my mind.

"I already know your name sir, Ssang-num Dong" 456 chuckled lightly. "Thats just the name of my hometown. My name is actually Seong Gi-hun." "What about you?" Asked 218 directing the question to 199.

"Ali. Ali Abdul." "Where are you from?" asked 456. "Pakistan." "Where's that?" "North of India." Replied 218. "Over course he knows he went to SNU--"
"Cho Sang-woo." Silence following after they turned to me and Sae.

"Come on really?" Sae said. "We're all teammates now. We should try to build up trust." "... Kang Sae-byeok." Turning to me he asked "And you?" "Gae y/n."

"What about you sir?" Ali asked 001. "What? My name? Oh...It..Uh.. Let me think." "It's okay" said Gi-hun patting the old mans back gently. "You might be slightly shook by the events. It'll get better once you rest."

Looking over to 101 and gang I noticed one of the members stiching the cut I gave him.

I love hurting that man.


Waking up due to the lights turning on I unwrapped my arms around Sae to strech. 456 with the rest of the group boticed the old man who seemed more exhausted than before. "Hey old man. Did you stay up all night?" "I thought they would attack again so I stood watch." " You must be really exhausted."

"It's alright. You don't need much sleep when your old." Dumb old man, you need more sleep than a baby. "I didn't help when they attacked so keeping night watch was the most I can do for you all."

"Attention all players.
The third game will begin momentarily. Please follow the staffs Ahem strawberries directions and make your way to the game hall."


"Players, welcome to the new game." Walking into a white room the announcer continued. "For this game you will need to play in teams of 10 people." Walking down the stairs I linked arms with sae.

Looking at the times which was dumb as he'll because why the fuck is everything timed here. I leaned against the wall with my arm draped around sae's shoulder. Sang-woo then said

"Our team already has two women an a old man. I think its better to get more men first." What? "But what if we need to play e
Elastics? Women are usually better at tho--." "That's true, but when you narrow it down, usually men are better."

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