23 - Forgetting an Event

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Luke (Age 4):

Today you were graduating preschool and you were really excited. You were becoming a big girl!! Your mom put you in your fancy green dress. It sparkled in the light and you were very excited to wear it. After you took your hair out of the braids that your mom put in the night before and slipping on your silver shoes, you headed out the door.

You were also very excited because Luke promised you that you would be there to watch you graduate. You sat in your seat and continued to look back, getting more and more disappointed because Luke still wasn't there.

At the end of the ceremony, you cried into your mother's shoulder because Luke never showed. "Baby, I'm sorry he didn't come. Do you wanna call him and talk to him?" You nodded and she dialed his number, handing you her phone.

L: "Hello?"
Y/N: "Where are you, Lukey?!"
L: "What do you mean, Y/N?"
Y/N: "I graduated today and you promised!"
L: "Oh my God. Sweetie, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot about it. This is all my fault."
Y/N: "You promised, Luke! You lied!"
L: "Baby, I'm so sorry I forgot. I'm gonna get on the next flight home and then spend all weekend with you. If mum will let us, I'll even bring you on tour!"
Y/N: "Really?!"
L: "Absolutely! I'm so sorry."
Y/N: "It's okay, Lukey. I forgive you. I love you."
L: "I love you, too, Angel."

Ashton (Age 15):

You had the lead role in your school's production of Hairspray (A/N: one of my favs). You were Tracy Turnblad and you were more than excited to show everyone all the hard work you put into the show. You had just talked to Ashton 2 days before and he promised that he would be there for your opening night. The curtains opened and you broke out in "Good Morning, Baltimore". You scanned the crowd and you didn't see your brother anywhere.

You finished the show strong and called him as soon as it was over.

A: "Hey, Y/N!"
Y/N: "Hey, Ash."
A: "What's up?"
Y/N: "Oh, you know, just finished opening night. You?"
A: "Y/N..."
Y/N: "Don't, Ashton. You promised and you weren't here. Don't try to make up some lame excuse."

You hung up on him and went home, spending the night in your room in total silence. You woke up to a text on your phone that read 'Hey, Y/N, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot about the show. I know you probably hate me right now but I want you to open your door and then text me. I love you 💕'

You opened your door and saw a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate from your brother. You eventually forgave him, after eating the chocolate of course.

Michael (Age 18):

You had always wanted a tattoo and your mom finally said yes, offering it to you as a birthday present. Michael was just as excited because you were becoming more "punk rock". He promised that he would be there with you when you got the piece of art onto your skin. Today was the day and to say you were excited was an absolute understatement. You got down to the tattoo parlor expecting to see Michael's car there, but it wasn't. "Maybe he's just late," you thought, going into the shop and waiting for your brother.

You waited for an hour and missed your appointment because of it. You told the receptionist that you would call to reschedule your appointment and that you were sorry. You got into your car and started crying. How could he forget? You just talked to him last week! He said he would be here! You were mad at Michael and the situation as a whole, ready to just go home and lay in your bed.

You got home and stormed up to your room, calling Michael.

M: "Hey, Y/N!"
Y/N: "Hey, Mikey! Did you do anything fun today?"
M: "Wrote a few songs, you?"
Y/N: "I got to wait for an hour at a tattoo parlor for my brother and then reschedule my appointment because I missed it."
The line went silent for a moment.
M: "Y/N, I'm so sorry! I completely forgot! I thought it was tomorrow!"
Y/N: "Nope, it was today. I hope your songs turn out to be hits."

You hung up the phone and tried to push the thought of your brother as far away from you as possible.

Calum (Age 6):

You had been a part of your local rec soccer team and you were doing very well. You had a big game today and you were very excited about being in the starting line up. Calum was very happy to see you two sharing a similar interest and told you that he wouldn't miss seeing you in this game. You put your cleats on and headed out to the field, immediately getting lost in the game. You scored 3 goals and then the referee called halftime.

You ran over to the side of the field and got a water bottle, looking into the stands. You saw Mali, but not Calum. You took a deep breath and tried to push the thought away, there's no way he could have forgotten, he promised! You got back out to the game and finished it out. You scored 3 more goals and you beat the other team 7-3. You ran over to Mali and the realization hit you, he forgot.

You cried into Mali's shoulder as she carried you to the car, promising to call Calum to talk to him.

Y/N: "C-Cal?"
C: "Y/N? What's wrong, baby doll?"
Y/N: "Where are you?"
C: "I'm at the studio, why? Are you okay?"
Y/N: "You promised, C-Cal! You s-said you would c-come to my game and you never s-showed up!"
C: "That was today? Y/N, I'm so so so so sorry. I'm such a terrible brother. Tell you what, I'm gonna come home right now and take you out for dinner so you can tell me all about your game, okay? I'll be home in 10 minutes. I love you, doll."
Y/N: "Okay. I love you too, Cal."

Hey y'all! I hope you like this! I'm so excited because my spring break is next week! I'm gonna spend that time writing so I can keep updating for y'all! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to vote and leave requests!

~ Morgan 💕

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