Cosmic Shadows - The Girl who made Holes

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The interview room was lit by a single daylight panel. The TESF Officer glanced from the screen to my face several times before he spoke.

"Moon Date: 289-06-27," The TESF Officer said, "Conference Room 7, Science Officer Wilson interviewing. Authorisation S.O. WJ1833-Alpha8-MBL-IntDSV2." He rattled off the string of letters and numbers as fast as possible, which meant that he'd already looked me up and knew I had an eidetic memory.

Not quick enough, Wilson J... I kept my grin to myself and stored the code away in the database in my head. It's slips like that which make it S.O. easy for me to access the system

A light flashed on the screen in the desk between us, going from red to green, where it flashed twice more.

"Aren't I supposed to have a responsible adult with me?" I said, "I mean that's what they said in Sociology and Citizenship."

He tapped his fingers on his right hand in a distinct pattern, from thumb to little finger once, then from little finger to thumb twice. Another light flashed yellow on the panel and my Citizen ID appeared in all its glory, my ten-year-old face grinning up at me.

"Interviewee, Lucinda Elizabeth Windsor. Age thirteen. Daughter of Lady Elizabeth Windsor. Commander of London Base." He looked at me, "Please confirm this information by placing your hand on the print panel." He pointed at the silvery pad in front of me, which brightened, "And reciting your Citizen Code."

I looked down at the screen and its sensors, feeling my attention on it, flipped the picture round. Why was I grinning so insanely when this was taken? Oh, I remember...

It had been a really stressful day at school, and I'd spent a lot of time plucking at my jumpsuit and trying my hardest to not blow up at the amount of noise in the classroom.

"Luce, I swear you could put a hole in anything." My mum grumbled as she sewed up another hole in the leg of my school jumpsuit, "If you get another hole in these, I'll have to requisition another set. I think you've had two this Sennight alone. We might be a high-status family, but we still have to stick to the rules." She sighed, "How in Luna's name you do it without severing the threads, I'll never know."

I shrugged and went back to my maths homework, tapping out the answers on the console as fast as I could with my left hand.

Numbers made sense.

Mum didn't.

I've tried to explain it before. The holes just appear in whatever I'm touching. Usually when I'm focusing on something else. I tried again, "I don't do it deliberately, mum, it just happens."

I looked down at my right hand on the arm of the chair and spotted a small hole in the covering fabric under my palm, where I had been rubbing it. Damn. I'll have to fix that before she sees it. I frowned and tried to work out how I was going to do it without a patch.

As I watched, the hole in the threads disappeared. Huh? I prodded it and it was whole again. Hmm.

"I suppose you're pulling at the fabric while you work or something." She sighed again, "Can you stop doing it to your clothes please?"

"Okay mum." I kept stroking the area that had had the hole on the arm of the chair, "I'll try." Especially as I think I can fix them before you see them now.

The next morning, in Woodwork class, I tried it out on a scrap of wood. We were supposed to be practising making tenon joints before we started making our own picture frames, so instead of using a mallet and chisel on the wood like everyone else, I used the chisel tip to focus my attention and pushed it gently at the wood's surface.

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