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Rules for the AkatsukiWattyAwards. Please read carefully and act as said by the following or you comment may be lead to its deletion.

                                                         ♒ HOW TO VOTE

Each chapter in this "story" is a category. For example, to vote for the Pein story/stories you'd like to vote for, got to the chapter titled "Pein" and leave a comment there with your vote(s). Again, COMMENTS BELOW THIS CHAPTER (the rules chapter) WILL not BE COUNTED. Please follow the previous instructions to cast a vote.

✎ You can vote for TWO DIFFERENT stories per category. Please try not to accidentally vote for more, since this will lead to the deletion of your comment.

✎ You must specifically state the title(s) which you are voting for. Mere mentions of the authors' names and highlight-commenting will NOT qualify as a vote.

✎ You CANNOT vote for your own story.

✎ Please do not attempt to sneak a double-vote. We will thoroughly inspect the votes every day and, if there is a double-vote from the same person, both comments will be deleted and you may be reported.

✎ If you happen to change your username or story title, or if you'd wish to withdraw from the contest, please let us know ASAP.

Voting will be open untul April 25, 2015. We wish good luck to all participants!

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