I promise or i do?

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Harry's pov

The boys were literally dragging me in the house this morning cause I was just too drunk to do it myself. Honestly right now I could careless about anything.

"Come on Harry it's time for bed." Zayn said trying to lead me upstairs.

"No Zach I want to watch tv." I argued.

"No come on." He commanded.

"But I don't wanna." I whined like a little kid.

"Harry it's time to go to sleep." Liam said.

"Fine." I said walking up the stairs only to fall back down.

"Woah." Liam said catching me. "Zayn help me get him upstairs."

"I don't need help." I spoke up.

"Yes you do no arguing." Zayn said grabbing one of my arms as Liam got the other. They helped me to walk all the way upstairs then put me to bed.

"G'night." Liam said before they both walked out.

Next day.

I woke up around 10:00. Ugh my head hurt like crazy. I walked downstairs following the smell of bacon and eggs. I looked in the bathroom first and got some tylonel. I quickly took the pills and began the walk downstairs. I peeked my head into the kitchen only to see Bekah standing there cooking. Aw.

"Good morning." She said not even turning around. What the how?

"Mornin." I said sitting down at the table. Bekah sat a plate of food down infront of me. I began to eat the bacon cause who wouldn't eat bacon first?

"How is it." She asked sitting down infront of me with her plate.

"Mdbhddie." I answered.

"Ok." She chuckled.

Summer's pov

I rolled over in bed just to hit something hard. I opened my eyes and found Niall laying in my bed asleep.

"Like what you see?" He asked opening his eyes.

"Of course." I said leaning forward and pecking him on the lips.

"Good cause I'm not leaving that easy." He replied sitting up.

"I will go make breakfast." I said getting up and not bothering to change out of my Dr. Pepper pjs.

"Be down soon." He shouted.

"Alright." I shouted back. I walked into the kitchen and saw my phone laying there on the counter.

2 messages
0 calls

I decided to check my messages before making breakfast. One was from Hannah and the other from Bekah.

H- Is Niall staying at your house if so use protection ;)

B- Im home wanna meet up later?

I decided to text them both back later. I got out some pancake batter,milk,eggs,and some water. I mixed it all up in a bowl then turned on the stove. I placed a pan on the stove and slowly poured the batter on.

I flipped the pancakes around a few times and then put them on a plate. I did this until the bowl was empty. I ended up with 4 pancakes for each.

"What smells so good?" Niall asked walking downstairs.

I chuckled." Pancakes." I brought the syrup and plates over to the table. I went back to the fridge and got the butter. I brought it to the table then sat down.

"These are delious." Niall said between bites of pancakes.

"Thanks." I said before eating some myself. We sat in a comfortable silence as we ate our breakfast.

"We still on for our date?" Niall asked breaking the silence.

"Of course." I said. We went back to eating our pancakes. After we finished Niall went home saying he needed to get ready and do some last minute things.

I walked upstairs and took a quick shower before plugging up the hair curler. I walked into my room and opened my closet to look for something to wear. Wait what am I suppose to wear?

Wear something kinda fancy ya know fancy shirt jeans something.

Niall sent this as I was pondering the question. I got out a tan Love shirt some skinny jeans and my chettah print BOBS. (Outfit on the side)

I quickly got dressed and then did my make-up. I put on some foundation,blush,mascara,and then some lip gloss. I walked into my bathroom and began to curl my hair. I finished my hair and unplugged the hair curler. I walked downstairs texting Ni on the way.

Hey Im ready when will you be here.

Be there in 5 see ya soon ;)

I sat on the couch waiting for Ni. Then the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and suddenly got nervous. What was so important about tonight?
I opened the door and Niall stood there looking nervous as well.

"Hey Sum ready to go?" Niall asked.

"Yeah let's go." I said. We walked to the car and he opened my door for me. A few minutes later we arrived at a resturant.

"Reservations for Horan." Niall said as we walked in.

"Of course this way please." The waitress said. He lead us to an enclosed room.

"What is this?" I asked as the waitress left.

"This is a closed off room that you have to reserve and I did....for us." He replied. After we got finished eating Niall began to speak.

"Summer I know we haven't know each other for that long but I feel like I am ready to take this step. It's of course up to you if we do or not." Niall brought something out of his pocket. I noticed as I small ring box and I gasped." Summer you might be thinking a bunch of things right now but I want you to know that it's ok if you decide not to take this ring. So Summer will you take this ring as a promise that you will be my princess through thick and thin. So will you?"

"Niall I-I I don't know what to say." I said." But now I feel like I need to say yes. So yes Niall I want to be your princess through thick and thin and everything."

Both of us jumped up and hugged. I wish we could freeze this moment. It is so perfect. Niall put the ring on my finger and I noticed it had our birth stones and our names on it. It was amazing.

"Hannah helped me pick it out. She said you would love it." He said blushing.

"I do love it." I said staring at in awe.

After that moment that seemed to end too quick we went home. Niall kissed me good night on the porch typical movie/book thing and then I went to sleep. Thinking about how this was the best day ever.

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