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"Yeah baby?" He asked his voice raspy

His scars on display your eyes wondered down to them his voice raspy the way he was talking to you the names he was calling you mixed in with the alcohol was a toxic combination that you just wanted to dive into

You reached your hand out running your fingers over his old scars making him hiss and flinch slightly at the contact "What the fuck brat" He growled out

"There really pretty" You admitted as you ran your fingers across them moving closer into him your hand running across the fresh scars on his abs, he looked at you in curiosity he had never had somone say that his scars were pretty it confused and shocked him he didn't know how to act how to reply.

You moved in kissing him on the lips his hands gliding up to your waist his tounge slipping in your mouth quickly your teeth lightly hitting against each other's as his grip on your waist tightened lifting you up and pulling you on his lap. You bring your hands up to cup his cheeks deepening the kiss your heart racing as you pressed your clothed boobs against his bare skin your tounges running over each other, your face started to burn up when you pulled away from him looking him in his eyes running your tounge over your bottom lip there was something about his eyes that set you off.

"Fuck baby" He groaned out rolling his bottom lip through his teeth while he thought about all the ways he could fuck you

"Sanemi" You whimpered

"Oh just shut up and kiss me again brat" Sanemi grunted before leaning in and kissing you moving his hand up your back gripping onto your hair tightly pulling your head back to disconnect from the kiss, moving his lips down to your neck biting and kissing the hickeys Giyuu made on your neck adding his own to the collection.

You let out a small whimper as you felt him get hard underneath you, you rolled your hips grinding against his crotch making him let out a small hiss underneath his breath while he continued to suck and bite at your neck making your entire body heat up with lust.

"Fuck me Sanemi please fuck me" You begged feeling his dick twitch at your desperate words the alcohol was only adding to the hotness of the situation his hands returning to your hips so he could flip you over repositioning himself on top of you, you felt yourself get wet at that gesture alone his hands tracing up your exposed skin ghosting over your inner thighs as he pushed your skirt up bunching the soft fabric in his left hand. His free hand finding it's way to your panties rubbing you through them

"Y/N your such a bad girl your wet already and i haven't even touched you yet" He teased as he pushed the small piece of fabric to the side quickly slipping two of his long fingers inside you making you let out a small gasp bringing your hand up to your mouth to try and conceal your moans but he wasn't having any of it

"No I want to hear every sound you make" He taunted as his fingers slammed inside you curving his fingers inside you hitting your
G-spot making you feel like the world had stopped spinning for a moment but you were pulled back to earth when he bit down on your neck his fingers slamming in and out of you making you moan out his tounge lapping over the hickeys on your neck, your hand wrapping into his hair pulling on it slightly

"Y/N! Sanemi!" You heard Shinobus soft voice call out

"Shinob- AHHH!" You moaned out as Sanemi didn't slow down Shinobus voice only making his fingers speed up "S-Sanemi Shinobu" You moaned out

"Yeah i know just keep it down if you don't want her to see this" He groaned out against your neck that comment making you push your thighs together

"Oh isn't this photo beautiful" Shinobu commented as she looked at a drawing of her sister "I didn't even know Y/N knew her" Shinobu whispered her smile fading slightly she could see how big her sisters smile was making her realise she could never live up to be like her no matter how hard she would try.

"Sanemi Sanemi i'm gunna f-fuck" You moaned out as he kept his pace the same making small moans escape your lips as he continued to tease at your neck with his tounge he thrusted his fingers inside you a few more times before you came on his fingers. He pulled his fingers out of you with a smug smile on his face

"Open wide baby" He instructed and you did what he said opening your mouth he moved up and placed his fingers in your mouth "Suck them clean baby" Sanemi commanded and once again you did as he said sucking his fingers clean "Now clean yourself up Shinobus waiting" Sanemi ordered as he lifted himself off of you looking down at you as you pulled yourself together

"Shinobu" You called out as you sat up on the end of the bed

"Yes dear?" Shinobus voice called out as she walked into the room

"What do you need?" You asked

"Oh! Rengoku is waking up" Shinobu informed

"REALLY?!" You yelled as you jumped up you felt so bad you weren't there for him in the last mission.

You ran out of the room Shinobu and Sanemi following closely behind, Rengoku had fallen into a coma after the fight he hadn't shown any signs of waking since he arrived and now he was waking up.

You had to apologise to him...

You ran into the room seeing Rengoku laying there his eyes closed.

He wasn't awake...

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