James Maslow Imagine

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This is an imagine I wrote for my best friend, Rachel Maslow, on her birthday and she told me I could post it here...so it's dedicated to her!



"James! Wait up!" I called to my boyfriend as he ran towards the carnival games.

"But there's cotton candy! If I wait then the line will get too long and we'll never eat!" He called back.

"James, it wouldn't kill you to wait in line for once!"

"Fine. You're lucky I love you."

He stopped and I finally caught up to him. We walked hand-in-hand to the food stand. He ordered a GIANT thing of cotton candy for the both of us and a Mtn. Dew. I just got a water bottle.

After we ate the food we decided to play some carnival games. I saw one of those games where you use the water gun and whoever makes it to the top first wins.

"James! Can we PLEASE play this game? Please! Please! Please!" I begged him

"Of course!" He paid the man running it and we started. In the end, he won a little stuffed monkey. I pouted because he beat me and I don't like losing.

"I love you Rachel." James said as he handed me the little animal. I giggled and took it happily.

"What! No 'I love you' back?" He asked, faking hurt. I giggled.

"Nope!" I replied, popping the 'P'. He started fake crying. "Fine. I love you James!"

He kissed me on the cheek and pulled me off towards the roller coasters. He pulled me into line for the biggest roller coaster on the entire boardwalk. I was having a mental panic attack, but James really wanted to go on it so I didn't show it.

There wasn't a very big line so we got on pretty quick. Once we were on was when the panic attack really set in.

"James, I changed my mind. I don't want to ride anymore. I want to get off now." I said, starting to hyperventilate. We were starting to go up the first hill.

"I think it's a bit late for that, love." He grabbed my hand. "Dont worry I'm right here. How have we been dating for two years now, and I never knew you were afraid of roller coasters?"

I squeezed his hand as we went over the hill. James put his hands up, which made my hands go up. We were both screaming, him in excitement and me in fright. After the first hill, it was pretty fun! I screamed a lot, but it was mostly in excitement.

After we got off the roller coaster, we went and looked at our picture. It was hilarious! My hair was all over the place and James' eyes were mid blink. I pulled out my wallet to buy it, but James, as always, bought it for me.

We went on a couple more rides and then it started to get dark out. There was an Eiffel Tower in the middle of the amusement park and it was all lit up. I bet you could see the entire park from the top.

It seemed like James read my mind. "Do you want to go to the top?" He asked me

I nodded and we walked hand in hand into the elevator. We were all alone and James started to seem a bit nervous.

"Aww! Is little Jamesy afraid of heights?" I teased him.

"No. It's something else..." He replied before pulling his hand from mine and shoving it into his pocket.

Did I say something wrong? Is he mad at me?