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Waking up to a face full of smuppet ass was not what Dave had hoped for hearing his alarm go off. God bro was so god damn freaky sometimes, was one of his usual thoughts for mornings like this. He threw off the ugly puppets from his freckled face and quickly turned off the alarm as he shoved on his chill pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Dave then crawled out of his bed with a radical yawn and wandered to the kitchen in his red boxers. Cracking open the fridge he pulled out a box of apple juice quickly before the store of bladed weapons could spill out, despite what his Pesterchum friend had said about applejuice, he still drank it. If AJ was monster piss, than it was pretty good piss man.

He stabbed the box with its straw and blinked stoickly at the thin cut on the side of his hand spilling out a few drops of blood. He must've caught himself on a katana, the price to pay for cool AJ. He promptly shoved his wounded hand into his mouth for a moment before he left it be, Dave Strider didn't need band aids. Cool kids didn't need band aids.

Turning around he internally flinched when he saw Lil Cal propped up in the doorway."Sup Lil Cal." Dave muttered with a nod. Lil Cal was the only remotely cool puppet Bro had, so of course he needed to pay up his respects to the little guy.

After that was taken care of he got dressed and started off to the bus stop.

But today was different. Instead of only being Karkat, Sollux, Kanaya, and Rose at the stop there was another boy, he was short and skinny with messy raven black hair. Dave's shades just had to be the next thing his baby blues locked onto.

"Hi there!" He chirped happily."My name is John, John Egbert!"

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