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Jee toh tumse milne ke pehle bhi rahe the,
Tumse toh zindagi ko kashish mili hai;
Raah toh pehle bhi pta thi,
Manzil ab mili hai;
Pta bhi nhi chala tum ajnabi se zindagi tak ke Safar main,
Iss dil ko IZTIRAAR kab kar gyi",

As I registered his words, I was spellbound, they might be just words but mere liye it was so much to handle, those words took away my breathe I don't know how to react, was he just confessing something, I am numb, he indeed was special so special but this wasn't what I expected, his eyes showed something I don't want to believe in,.....
True love but that doesn't exists right? Or does it? His eyes could make anyone weak and I wasn't ready. Hardly 3 months and I can't fall in love....
No not possible and how could he too? He hated this word as much as I did right, then how?

Stop looking at me like that Sidharth, I finally managed to whisper it.

Like what sweetheart? He asked still gazing me while sitting in front of me on the couch

As if you don't know yourself, I said irritated.

You can't control me sweetheart, he laughed and I swear my heart skipped a beat. The way he laughs throwing his head a little back I'm sure this is the best laughter I have ever seen.

Chaliye bahut ho gaya vapis jaaiye ab, I spoke when I saw it was 2 in the night. I don't know but this closeness was making me desire something that was so prohibited for me.

Kaisi ho na tum, idhar I confessed something and udhar tum bhaga rahi ho not fair yaar, confession thodi maang raha hoon sirf thode pal ka sukoon toh de sakti ho, he complained getting up from the couch and kneeling in front of me on the ground, he kept his head in my lap and I don't know but it all felt so right.

Sidharth you are making it difficult you know that right, I spoke caressing his hairs but he chose to stay silent.

Sidharth please jaiye Aadia akeli hai ghar par, I tried again
Ramesh kaka hai, he replied snuggling more in my lap.

Sidharth this is not right baba, I spoke admiring his face.
What's not right Shehnaaz, I know you are an adult, minor nhi ho neither am I? Feelings accept karna galat hai, dosti karna galat hai, exactly galat kya hai yaar yahan, he was irked I know but was it actually right?

Sidharth we both are not bachelors you know that right, bache hai humare we can't behave like that ishq main pagal insaan kind of people always, I spoke and he removed himself from my lap and sat on the ground looking at me before he burst out laughing

You are atleast agreeing pyaar hai, he smirked and I gasped.
Kitne besharam ho aap, I spoke picking a cushion and throwing it at him which he dodged successfully.

I ran behind him and almost catched him by his shirt but my foot got struck in the couch and I fell on the couch with Sidharth on top of me. Ughhh I hate the situation I'm in.

I could feel his breathe on me and it was turning me on, I could feel his desires too.... Hain toh insan hi na closeness affect karti hai yaar but how do I control it. I wanted to take those rough plump lips but what the fuck I'm even thinking. I felt him giving under his desires, he kept his head in the crook of my neck and his breathe on my skin was creating a havoc. His hands were feeling my body and I was enjoying it too but still was I actually ready for something like this. I was broken out of trance when he took the flesh of my skin and sucked it softly I left out an involuntary gasp making him break from the spell too.

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