The Wind Hashira

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This chapter is kinda short

Why was Giyuu so jealous of him?

You sat there for a few seconds with a pissed look on your face before letting out a sigh and turning around, leaning down grabbing the frame from the ground handing Sanemi the slightly torn peice of paper before asking him to leave. He just nodded before walking out.

You sat on the floor cleaning up the glass as tears silently fell down your face, you went to wipe your tears slipping on a piece of glass and slicing the tip of your finger off...


Bloobs of black blood fell from the cut


It grew back...

Your eyes widened as you heart dropped...


The glass slipped from your hands and smashed on the floor the glass splitting into hundred of little pieces a look of horror on your face as you ran out of the estate "SANEMI!" You screamed out making him turn towards you

"What is it?" He asked as you tackled him

"I DONT I DONT KNOW!" You half yelled in his face making him raise an eyebrow

"Goddamn it brat get off" He groaned before pushing you off him. Your breathing picked up as you laid on the grass looking up at the sky trying to forget what just happened maybe if you ignore it, it will go away!
"Now brat what's going on?" Sanemi asked as he stood up looking down at you

"I uh.. I just don't want to be alone" You half lied

"You told me to leave" He said with a cocked eyebrow

"Please stay" You half begged, making him cave he reached his hand out helping you up than walking inside with you

"You got a name for this place yet?" He asked as yous made your way to a bedroom

"No I just can't think of one that fits" You admitted. You made your way through the doorway and sat down on the bed

"How about 'The Demonic Estate'" Sanemi suggested sitting next to you

"Demonic? We're demon slayers" You half laughed out

"Well you did change the water breathing style into your blood breathing and that whole thing yesterday were you cried about being a demon or something.. Plus it fits look at all the drawings of demons around this place you'll just add to them as you go on" Sanemi explained as he watched your every move

"The Demonic Estate" You paused for a moment "It fits!" You happily said "I'll tell those creepy twins later thanks Sanemi"

"No problem brat" Sanemi replied as he let out a small breath.

You both sat in silcence you were still sad over what had happened with Giyuu, the way he acted wasn't like him at all, you stepped up wanting to stop thinking about it you had requested that Aoi would put a little somthing in a small cupboard in each of the rooms. You opened the small cupboard door smiling as you grabbed the bottle of alcohol "Sanemi you wanna drink?" You ask

"Sure" Sanemi replied watching you scull half of the homemade alcohol

"Save some for me darling" Sanemi growled as he took the drink from your hands finishing it off himself hissing as he put the drink down "It's strong"

"Got the recipe from my older sister" You half coughed out feeling the effects of the alcohol already

"She's good" Sanemi complimented as you made your way to sit next to him again

"You drunk it pretty fast" You laughed out looking at the empty bottle beside him

"You sculled half of it Y/N i had to make it even baby" Sanemi replied as he looked over at you

"Baby?" You questioned with a cocked eyebrow

"Mmm that's what i said baby" Sanemi purred out

You bit your lip at what Sanemi was calling you he was showing an interest in you an interest Giyuu wasn't showing and you just didn't want to be alone right now "Sanemi" you cooed out your eyes looking up at him his tounge running over his bottom lip

"Yeah baby?" He asked his voice raspy

His scars on display your eyes wondered down to them his voice raspy the way he was talking to you the names he was calling you mixed in with the alcohol was a toxic combination that you just wanted to dive into

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