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Chapter 7 WHOS GOING?

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The weekend has started and you just woke up. You was thinking about who are you going to have fun with first? Or.. who is going to be the first one to invite you to do something fun? Do U have to ask If they or that person wants to have fun today?
Instead of thinking about those thoughts, you have decided to just forget about it and just see what comes to you. Now.... you was looking for some comfortable clothes.


Aish >< where are my shoes?
Ahhh~ found them! Hahaha pabo! ^^ I should go downstairs now. Just to get a quick snack! *.*
Wow!! Everyone is dressed? For what? Why is everyone yelling? Where's my aunt? Oh geez! What's going on?!

"Hey! Everyone be quiet for a second!!" I yelled and everyone was silent. "Wae?~ and Sehun! You tell me first!" I said.

"Ara. So the reason why, is because we're trying to figure out who was going to take you to go somewhere fun. Thats why everyone is dressed" maknae explained.

"아~ 네네 (Aaah~ yes yes) you guys where trying to argue about who's going to take me somewhere?" I asked.

"네. Pretty much^^" luhan said.

"Wow! That's awesome!!" I said. I was super surprised! No one has never fought for me before haha.

"What?" Kris said.

"Nothing" I said. "How about we all go somewhere together!!" I added.

"Yea! But what about the sasaeng fans?" Tao asked.

"Oh! You guys have to wear some disguises or something" I said and they all stared at me.

"What? You guys haven't wore disguises?" I asked but suddenly the snapped out of it quick enough.

"Sorry, but we we're looking at our beautiful sisters face. You're really pretty!" Luhan said.

"Oh really? Oh my gosh. so anyways, coming?" I asked them.

"Nah, I'm good. I don't want to go anymore since everyone else was going" Kris said. Ugh, he's so lazy.

"Anyone else doesn't wanna go?" I asked them.

"Yeah we don't feel like it anymore" everyone said it except Chanyeol. I was kind of happy because he's really the one I hangout with the most.

"I'll go! And I'm ready! Let the fun begin!" CHANYEOL said with excitement.

"Arasso! Let's go!" I said and we headed out the door.

Ok that's the end of chapter 7!!
Jayu and chanyeol went in the car and went to the AMUSEMENT PARK. Will something go wrong? Or Will everything be fine?

Let's check it out at the next chapter! 안녕!! :)

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