Chapter 11

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‘You looked lovely last night.’ He trapped her hazel gaze. 

‘You saw me?’  Wait I’m not speaking to you!

Ross smiled lazily.  How could I not?  You were the most gorgeous lady in the restaurant.

His towering proximity over her desk was daunting.  She could barely breathe.  Self consciously she wheeled her chair slightly back ever so undetectably.

‘Did you enjoy your evening?’ Savannah blurted unable to stop herself from speaking to him.

‘Not really.  She was CIA.  She gave me indigestion.’

‘“CIA?  Indigestion?’” Savannah laughed, then it dawned on her, his dinner was not a social event. Yay, he did not sleep with her.    ‘Oh, sorry,’ she murmured.

‘How was your date?’ Ross enquired grudgingly.

It was a non-event.  ‘Fine thank you.’

They gazed at each other.  Savannah was admiring his well defined facial features, his strong, sturdy shoulders. Just every part of him was beautiful...pure perfection.  Savannah sighed dreamily.

Ross wondered how long Morey had stayed at her place.  Did she sleep with him?  Did she wake up in Morey’s arms?  Bile rose in his throat. 

‘You’re early?’ Savannah looked his way as she was filling up the percolator.

‘So are you?’  He admired the shape of her slender legs in very expensive tailored pants.  She did not often where pants, but she did look good in them; though he much preferred her in skirts so he could admire her sexy legs.  Her beautiful glossy russet curls hung loosely over her shoulders.

Savannah kept her head low as she prepared his coffee.  ‘I had an early night after Robert left, so I was wide awake very early,’ she offered him a half smile.

So if Morey left early___ just maybe they did not go to bed.

‘Thank you,’ he accepted his coffee.  ‘I had an early night too,’ he turned towards his office.  ‘Most unusual for me,’ she heard over his shoulder as he shut his door.

Savannah sat down.  Well that conversation was not too bad, considering they hardly spoke two sentences to each other the previous day.  Savannah smiled feeling a bit better.  So Ross spent the night alone. Her heart was doing cart wheels.  How interesting.  Welcome to the club, dear Ross.

 Her heart jerked in a quick spasm as she tried to picture Ross, all six foot of pure masculine flesh, spread-eagled under his silk sheets.  She knew it was silk.  She also knew he slept in the nude.  Her cheeks flushed warmly, in remembrance.  He’d told her that, the one morning when he’d returned from a business trip.  His housekeeper had been away.  He requested Savannah to rush to his place and pack a suitcase for him for three days.  He told her for future reference of course, not to pack him sleep wear.  He never used anything in bed, he’d informed her.  Savannah remembered how her cheeks and ears had turned crimson.  Ross had laughed at her.  Why the hell, did he have stacks and stacks of sexy sleepwear then, was beyond Savannah? 

Savannah inhaled as she remembered her drive home with Robert, after their date last night.  She had not even offered Robert an invitation into her apartment.  When he’d stopped outside her door, she’d determinedly thanked him for the evening, implicitly letting him know he was not getting an invite.  Polite and good mannered as he was, Robert thanked her for dining with him, walked her to her front door, kissed her on the lips and said his goodbye.

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