Chapter 1

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“Heads up!” I looked up without any warning, and the football came down plugging onto my head.  I fell down with my back first, and then my head.  “Are you ok?” It was a deep voice, so I knew it wasn’t my best friend Remmy. I tried opening up my eyes, but the sun was bright. He held out his tan arm, and I grabbed onto it, to pull myself off of the grass.

“Thanks-” I looked into his gray eyes that were staring at me. He had dark brown hair, tan skin, he wasn’t every big in the arms, but I could tell that he had muscles underneath his shirt.  “Dyna are you ok?!” Now it was Remmy. She ran towards me, and looked at the spot where the football hit me.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you” He tired looking if there wasn’t any major damage done to my head. But Remmy blocked his view. “Well at least you apologized, come on Dyna, we have to get ready for the rush party.” I looked one last time at the guy, but I realized, through what had just happened, I didn’t even say a word. We went back to the dorm to get ready for the rush party.

It was my first week of college, and I couldn’t believe I am rushing. My sister Candice rushed 5 years ago, and she said it was the best experience she had ever had. “Dyna, stop spacing out.” I got full conscience back, and looked directly back at her. “Sorry, it’s all too much.”

“Don’t say that, we need to look extra good today for rush, and most importantly for the hot guys.” She winked at me, and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Ok, as you say so Rem.”

I looked in the mirror to put on my makeup. I have long light brown hair that’s past my shoulders; I was pretty tan since I lived in Florida for half my life. Remmy always said that she was jealous because I had beauty without any makeup, but I should say I disagree. “Crap!”

“What happened?” Remmy turned to face my direction. I had dropped the mascara onto my dress, and when she notice it, she went full blown mad.

“DYNA! Don’t tell me that’s the dress that your wearing.” She picked up the dress, and looked at me, with an expression, that I knew I could never mimic. “Um, well I can’t really tell you that Rem.”  

She dropped the dress back down on the bed, and started digging in her suite case for a dress. Finally she picked out a blue mini dress that flared out a little from the waist down. “Put this on, and don’t you dare mess it up.” She was still mad, but I couldn’t help but smile when I turned back to the mirror.


After an hour of preparation, I knew we were done. We looked HOT.

Remmy had her black hair straightened, with a white bow clip on the right side of her head. She wore a white mini dress that looked just right for the occasion.  Lastly I grabbed my purse and we were off to Greek road.

I still couldn’t help and think about the guy that threw the football at me. But that all disappeared when a gorgeous guy came up to me and Remmy.

“Hello ladies, my names Austin, can I help you tour Greek road.” Remmy already got her flirt face on, or that’s what I called it. She started to twirl with her hair. “Well Austin, Me and my friend Dyna would love a tour.” I smiled at both Remmy and Austin.

“Well on the right here we have KTS, they are the party guys of Greek-” and I zoned out of Austin’s voice when I saw HIM. The guy that hit me with the football. I could now see him very clearly. He was hot, but not the Zac Efron type hot, but something more bigger. “DYAN!” I turned my full attention back on Austin and Remmy. “What?”

Austin let out a little chuckle, and Remmy stood there still, pissed I guessed. “Dyna, I’m going to go find Sara, why don’t you stay here with Austin.” I wanted to protest about the last comment, but she already went off.

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