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I felt numb.

After Vinnie left my house, I cried for what felt like forever until I physically couldn't cry anymore. Then I just looked dead inside.

Mila came into my room this morning, asking me if what I said was true about me not being here if Vinnie was to come back and I nodded my head not wanting to talk about it.

I made the decision of going back to New York at least for a few weeks.

I felt like I wasn't myself in California anymore, so the only decision was to go back and be in a place where I knew was home. I explained to her that she doesn't have to come with me and that I actually would prefer to go alone. She didn't argue with me, but I knew a piece of her was a bit excited because her and Ryland were working things out.

At least one of us was happy.

Nessa called me this morning, wanting to talk to me about last nights events and I spoke to her for a few but it became to much for me.

All of the girls knew, Mila having told them in the group chat, that I've been ignoring for the past 24 hours. I couldn't bother with the pity comments I would be getting so I chose the route of ignoring.

But as of right now, I was packing my suitcase in the middle of my room.

Clothes were scattered everywhere, and it looked like a fucking earthquake came in and threw my shit everywhere before leaving.

The sound of the doorbell sounded, dragging me from my thoughts.

I groaned not knowing who it could be, but desperately hoping it wasn't Vinnie. The last person I want to see or hear from, is him.

Without even thinking, I got up from my spot on the floor and walked out into the hallway. I swung the door opened and there stood the last person I expected to see: Chris.

He stood there with his hands in his pocket, looking nervous.

"I heard what happened. I just wanted to check if you were okay." He speaks.

I stood there looking at him, realizing that my once steady breath was now staggered. Tears pricked my eyes and I couldn't hold it in anymore. I ran straight to Chris, crying into his chest as he hugged me close to him. "I'm so fucking sorry, Cece. I shouldn't have said the shit I said about your relationship with him, I was just jealous and too caught up in my head. I didn't even realize how I sounded until Mila and Ryland told me. I'm so sorry." He whispered into my ear.

I shook my head into his chest, letting out a small sob.

"I-It's not even your fault. I-I don't b-blame you. You were right about him."

"You're just mad at him right now, Cleo. He might've fucked up right now but that doesn't mean that's who he is. I'm not saying forgive him, because that's your decision that you can handle at your own pace. But don't hate him." He tells me.

I don't say another word. I just hug him tighter, and he does the same to me.

We stood there for a minute until he pulled away, walking me into the house and into my bedroom where my shit looked a mess.

"What the fuck happened in here." He chuckled to himself.

"I happened. I spent the rest of last night and early this morning trying to find some shit for New York." I tell him, plopping in the ground next to the suitcase.

"So that's it. You're really moving back to New York ?" He questioned, sitting across from me.

"I'm not moving back. I'm just going back for a few weeks. I feel lost out here and I just want to be with my mom. Haven't seen her since my birthday in june and it sucks so I think this is going to be good for me."

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