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The pups were all playing soccer with Ryder. Except for one husky pup named Everest because she just liked to watch Rocky play. Everest cheered for all of the pups through out the game but when she got to Rocky she sounded happier just saying his name. Everest thinks to her self "Rocky is one handsome pup I wish we didn't have that stupid rule so I could tell him how I feel." Inside Rocky's thoughts "OMG Everest is staring at me she is so beautiful I just want to kiss her and tell her I love her everyday for the rest of my life." After the game the pups went to back to the lookout to have dinner. Their pup bowls were lined of from Chase on the far left then Zuma, Rubble,Skye,Marshall, Rocky and then Everest. Ryder put spaghetti and meatballs in each of their bowls. Rocky didn't like the meatballs so she decided to give them to Everest because she loved them. After dinner the pups watched two episodes of Apollo the Superpup then went to bed. At midnight Everest heard a knock at the door. She opened the door and Rocky was sitting their in the rain with a roses in his mouth. Everest told him to come in and he did. Everest asked him "what the roses are for" and he replied "their for you." Everest started to blush. Then Rocky said " Everest your the most beautiful pup in the whole world and I can't go another day without telling you how I feel about you." Everest looked down at the floor before looking up again and she said "Rocky I love you." Then Rock started singing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri because it was Everest's favourite song in the world. Then Rocky kissed her on the cheek then he took her paw and kissed her once more on the lips. "Nobody must now about us because we have a Forbidden Love" Everest said. Rocky nodded his head and left her room before leaving he kissed her one last time and he said "check the flowers theirs something in it. Everest checked the flowers and their was a piece of paper that said 11 of these roses are real and 1 is fake Everest I will love you till the last rose dies.

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