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⚠️ Slight agsnt ⚠️

Alone and about to explore your own mansion for the first time though you wished that Giyuu was here with you or somone you didn't really want to do this alone.

"Y/N" A harsh voice called out making you turn around...

"Sanemi?" You called out

"So what are you naming the place?" Sanemi asked as he walked up to you

"No idea" You replied with a small sigh in your voice "come inside with me?" You asked as you opened the door he just nodded and walked inside you followed after him. The rooms were painted black and all the furniture was a dark red like blood, there were hand drawn photos of the demons you had killed frammed all over the place

"Nice touches" Sanemi commented as he walked over to the photos "Whoa... These drawings are amazing" Sanemi complimented

"Thanks" You laughed out as you walked over "I can't believe they frammed these"

"You drew these?" Sanemi asked as he looked over at you

"Yeah" You replied as you walked down the hall Sanemi following you. Drawings covered the halls some of the other Hashiras, Sanemi stopped in his tracks

"Is that me?" He asked as he looked at a photo of him he looked pissed there was blood dripping from his arms he looked like he was about to kill somone

"Do you remember that mission?" You asked with a small laugh


"SANEMI PLEASE STOP!" I scream out in terror there's blood dripping from both of his hands there's so much of it and it's making the demons go crazy. His eyes are opened wide with a look of utter insanity on his face

"IM GUNNA KILL THEM ALL!" Sanemi screamed back discarding his sword to the side and letting out a laugh as he just hit the demons over and over again with his bare hands

"You asshole! Let me out!" I scream as i watch him win in hand to hand combat with over 7 demons, the web entangled with all my limbs i couldn't move i just sat back watching helplessly committing that crazed look on Sanemis face to memory.

He hit the demons over and over again as they basically foamed at their mouths for a taste of Sanemis blood. He grabbed the younger looking demon by its hair smashing it into the rock on the ground crushing its skull like it was nothing.

"JUST USE YOUR SWORD!" I scream at the top of my lungs not wanting to watch the torture any longer just because they were demons didn't mean they deserved this type of torture I felt bad for them, hearing the screams and the crys leave the demons mouth made my eyes tear up for them he wanted to torture them he wanted their death to be painful and slow.

•End of Flashback•

"Yeah sorry about that i wasn't at my best then" Sanemi said as he rubbed the back of his neck at the memory of the mission, he could still hear your cries and the way you begged him to stop and just put the poor souls out of their misery but he refused and he just kept beating them.

"It's fine.. I got some great art out of it" You laughed easing the tension in the room, you both ventured down the long hall stopping for a few moments to look in the rooms before Sanemi came to another quick stop.

"Genya..." Sanemis mouth fell open as he looked at the photo he felt a small pain in his heart as he felt it drop to the bottom of his stomach. His eyes glued to the photo of his little brother with a huge smile on his face a smile that Sanemi hasn't seen in forever.

"That's his name?" You ask with a small laugh "everytime i try and speak to him he stutters over his words till he can't speak, i mean he won't even look at me" You say as you look at the drawing of the boy you had drawn hundreds of times now you never knew why but you were drawn to his angelic features and aura.

"That's cause your a beautiful woman" Sanemi informed as he kept his eyes glued to the photo you were confused who was this kid to him?

Would it be an over step to ask?

"My little brother can't speak to beautiful woman anymore he's to shy" Sanemis eyes still on the photo

"Your little brother?" You asked


Well they did look alike...

Wait.. Did he just call you beautiful?

"Can.. Can i have this photo?" Sanemi asked you had never heard his voice so broken up like he was about to cry..

"Yeah ofcourse Sanemi" You replied quickly as you placed your hand on his shoulder to try and be some type of support as you watched his once confident hands turn shaky as they reached out pulling the drawing of the wall.

"Thanks Y/N" Sanemi said as he turned to the side wrapping you in his arms holding you

"Y/N?" Giyuu called out as he walked around the corner his eyes setting on you and Sanemi in the middle of a deep hug. "What the hell" Giyuu yelled as he made his way over to yous, you quickly broke away from the hug with a smile on your face you couldn't of been more thrilled to see Giyuu he didn't forget!

"Giyuu!" You smiled

"Fuck you" Giyuu pointed at you yelling at you, tears filling his eyes as he gritted his teeth together completely forgetting the reason he came here in the first place.

"What?" You asked confusedly what the hell was going on?

He was worked up from everything Sanemi had said and he didn't understand why you would do this? "She didnt do anything" Sanemi interviewned pushing Giyuus hand down

"No fuck you both" Giyuu rolled his eyes "Don't talk to me every again Y/N i'm done with you"

"What are you talking about?!" You yelled back your entire body felt tingly as a feeling of sadness washed over you... Did he just say to not talk to him ever again?

Giyuus entire body felt like jello as he stood there how could Y/N do this? How could Y/N be with Sanemi? "You wanted Sanemi here and not me?" Giyuu asked

"He actually showed up unlike you!" You snapped back. How dare he yell at you like this when he was the one that didn't come?

"Whatever Y/N" Giyuu replied completely shutting himself off as his eyes went darker he looked straight at you but he was looking straight past you straight through you...

"Giyuu your over reacting" Sanemi sighed as he brought the hand that was holding the drawing of his younger brother on Giyuus shoulder

"Don't touch me" Giyuu snarled out as he pushed Sanemis hand off of his shoulder knocking the photo of Genya out of Sanemis hand causing a loud crash.

"GIYUU!" You screamed in anger you couldn't deal with how he was acting what the hell?! You brought your hand up and slapped him across the face but he didn't even flinch.. He just silently turned around and walked away leaving you in your pissed off state. "GIYUU!" "GIYUU COME BACK HERE NOW!" You screamed out how dare he leave? Leave without allowing you to get the anger you had out? He just ruined the photo of Genya.
"That asshole" You half whispered

"You should go check on him" Sanemi suggested making you scoff

"Fuck him" You replied in anger what he had done was irrational and you couldn't deal with that now.

You had only wanted him to come and enjoy being together maybe even pick a room to stay in yous could have a whole estate!

Just the two of yous...

But he didnt show up he knew that today was the day but he just didn't care, he didn't care until Sanemi was involved.

Why was Giyuu so jealous of him?

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