An unwanted visitor

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After a wile of staring blankly at the world in front of me, I stood up and wiped away the last few tears with the back of my hand.  "Emotional break over... Time to actually accomplish something." I mumbled.  Then with a sigh, I walked to the edge.  "What? Is baby Salvatore finally giving up?"  I froze at the sound of his voice.  It was a voice I remembered all too well.
  "No.. It can't be.. There's no way in hell..-" I mumbled.  He chuckled but it lacked emotion. I shivered. "Turn around so we know for sure that you won't run away." He ordered. Not wanting to disobey, I turned, starring wide eyed at the site in front of me.  Both guys smirked when they saw the shocked look on my face. I glared at them & growled but they didn't even flinch. "WHAT THE HELL?!" I shouted throwing my hands up in frustration. "Is she always like this mate?" Kol asked. "Don't remember & I frankly don't care to try." Damon replied. I flinched, hurt by my older brothers words, then instantly let my walls go back up. I turned to face the emotionless original. "What the hell do u want Kol?" I spat. He shrugged, looking bored. 'Kol's bored.. Well this is gonna take a turn for the worst real fast.' I thought to myself. "Well I want Damon over here to help me torture you because i think it could be fun. Actually, scratch that..torturing you with the help of your favorite brother will be bloody fantastic." He said. "And you thought I'd be affected by your plan because...?" I asked him. Kol glared at me. "Stop trying to ruin my fun baby Salvatore!" He whined. I raised an eyebrow. "Did you just whine?" I asked. "I did not!" Kol growled, stomping his foot. I snorted. "And yet somehow I'm the babyish one. Mmkay."  "Your dead." Kol said before lunging at me with his fangs barred.

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