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𝗟𝗜𝗙𝗘 around the château, is a two way street. It can either be hectic, or it can be chill, there's no in the middle.

JohnB walks out of the bathroom, that early morning after the first party of the summer had taken place at the boneyard.
He found himself follow his normal routine, which never really changed since his dad went missing.

Walking past the spare room, which JJ normally steals, as he looks in to find a blonde girl underneath the boy, catching JJs attention.

"Dude! Come on, man, get out of here!" he exclaims before throwing a plastic cup at the door while JohnB shuts it, before continuing pacing into the main section of the château.

Seeing Kiara and Aven smushed together on the sofa bed, watching a video on their phones as their tired eyes glaze at the screen.

"Morning Kie, Aven" JohnB calls waving his hand as a signal to signal the greeting.

"Morning" they both reply, their voices deeper than usual with their morning voice hogging their vocal chords.

JohnBs hand reaches for the door before he's being pushed back by a force, opening his eyes and blinking a few times to see the blonde girl in front of him.

Her denim short that clutched to her thighs and her bikini top that held everything together.

She smiles at JohnB quickly before looking around the sofa near the other girls, who ignore her frustrated presence.

"Morning to you too, Layla" JohnB chuckles leaning against the frame of wood watching the frazzled girl look around in every pile of rubbish and clothes.

"Morning, Johnny" she replies while not making eye contact as he watched her let out a sigh before looking up at the smirking boy in front of her.

"Yes?" he replies cooly.

"Have you seen my shirt?" the girl asks, making JohnB stifle a laugh.

"How'd you lose your shirt, Layla?" he questions while watching the frantic girl search.

"Wouldn't you like to know, perv" she laughs looking up at him with a light smile before heading towards JJs room.

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