Stick to the Team Part 1

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Play the song when you feel suspense.

TW: Blood, Guns

Reader POV

"Attention. Meal time begins now. Please form a line in the center of the room."

Taking Sae to the line I lightly began to massage her hand. Getting to the front the circle strawberry they handed me only and egg and glass bottle with water. (Or soda?)

Sae also getting her items led us both to her bed. "Not really filling if you know what I mean." I said only directing my attention to peel the egg. Hearing my words she turned crimson before she tried to ignore what I said and began to peel her own.

If someone farts it about to kill more people than the games.

Looking at the players eating their own food I saw 101's gang eat their food quickly before going to another line. Nudging her with my arm I said "Well would you look at that they're about to cause a scene like they always do."

Drinking from the bottle I heard a man yell to the guards "Please sir, we didn't eat!" Almost lunging at the strawberry, the strawberry putting a gun to his head if he dared take another step.

"Excuse me." A woman said. Looking over to 101 and his gang began to point at them. "It was them. seconds. I saw it." Directing the attention to them 101 began to eat faster. Looking over to everybody he said "What? Never seen a man eat before?"

The man who almost got shot walked up to them. Number 271. "Who do you think you are? That's our food you just ate." "This was yours? Is your name on it? Cause I don't see anything." His gang chuckling at his 10 year old response.

"I'm sorry." 101 said with fake sympathy before taking a sip of his 'drink'. 271 getting angry at the fake words and causing him to starve, lunged at 101 trying to pull the drink away from him.

"Give it to me its mine!" The drink crashing onto the marble floor. Feeling 101's immense anger I pulled my pocket knife out. Setting it on my lap just incase.

101 grabbed 271's collar proceeding to punch him making him land on his side. Standing up leaning against the beds. Sae glanced at me before paying attention to the fight again. As soon as the player was on the floor 101 kicked the player almost a dozen times.

Walking away 101 began to approach the broken bottle. 271 remained still on the ground. 218 began to approach the collapsed man with 456 at his side. Walking up to 271 myself with knife in hand I looked over to 101 seeing him drink the small amount of liquid remaining in the broken bottle.

218 crouched down next to 271 before trying to feel for a pulse. Looking up to me and 456 he said "He's gone." Other players began to murmur. 456 in disbelief also crouched before calling out to the guards. "Guards, can someone do something."

Walking over to 101 who was beginning to stand up. I kicked him in the back, the players gasping at the bold act. My knife out he picked himself up he turned around about to throw a punch before seeing my face, and hand faltering.

Making an innocent face to him I said "What? Never seen a girl hold a knife before?" Walking away towards sae-byeok sitting next to her. Knife in my pocket.

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