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- Niall's pov -

"Please stop it hurts..." I cried to the man in front of me. He thought that he owned me just because I was a little different. He ignored my crying and just laughed in my face as he hit me repeatedly. He grabbed my tail to stop me from running away.


Yes I'm a cat hybrid, sorry if I forgot to tell you. "Freak stop fighting you can't win you know." He said harshly. I froze at his tone, but that just made him laugh even more. He gave me one last hit before going to open his 'show' where he showed me to get money.

 Little did I know what was waiting for me, but as soon as he dragged me onto the small stage my eyes locked with a pair of chocolate brown eyes and a head full with black hair. The crowd laughed at me except for the boy my eyes locked with.

 "Ladies and gentleman." My owner started. "Thank you for gathering here tonight for seeing one of earth's most inhumane beings." He sneered. I winced at his words, no matter how often I heard them, they still hurt me. "Tonight you can give this...thing his true punishment." He spat, spreading his hands.

 Two men came walking forward from the side, both holding buckets. "Take a piece, and give this disgrace what he deserves." He said, before walking of the stage. The front people took all different kind of sized stones from the buckets. I was trembling with fear, awaiting the moment till the first one would throw. A man from about the thirties shouted something unclear, before throwing a rock at me.

They threw more rocks/stones on me. One hit my head and I was about to faint when I heard something. "Stop this now!" An angry voice said. The last thing I saw before I fainted was the boy with black hair and brown eyes as he walked towards the stage. 

"Who might you be, kid that has the nerve to stop my show?" My owner asked the boy. I hadn't been passed out for so long so I woke up just as the boy got up on the stage and walked towards my owner. "My name is Zayn and I like to by this one." The boy said. I wondered what he meant by buy, but I was to scare to think about it. 

"No way I'm selling my toy to you kid." My owner said. "Are you sure?" The boy said and held a big amount of money towards my owner who looked at the money with wide eyes. "Okay take him but quick before I change my mind." My owner said. I stated to close my eyes as I was about to faint again, but woke up because I heard a gunshot. I turned my head and saw that the boy had shot my owner, who now was lying in a pool of his own blood. 

The whole crowed gasped and screamed in terror. The boy (Zayn) put the gun in his pocket. "Hey chill people, I only shot him in the leg." He said. He slowly walked over to me, "it's still a lot nicer than the stuff you did." He muttered. I winced and one man in the crowd scoffed.  Zayn turned around sharply. His eyes were shooting daggers, looking like he could kill the guy. As everyone saw the look Zayn had on his face, they hurried out of the room.

Without noticing it, I'd moved to the corner of the stage, feeling scared and unsure about the whole situation. I saw Zayn slowly walk towards me and I whined. Even though this Zayn guy seemed like he wanted to help me, I couldn't trust him. He bought me and I don't know what he'll do to me. "Hey shh." He said caring, slowly walking closer and closer to me. I stopped walking backwards and stood still instead. Well, not that I had much choice, my back was against a wall.

 "What do you want?" I asked scared as he got closer and closer and my breathing got quicker. "It's okay you're safe now I saved you." Zayn said. I shook my head. "You bought me and I don't call that save..." I said panicked and I was about to say more if I hadn't realized how close Zayn was by now, he was just centimeters from me.