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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Mycroft joined the chatroom 

Mycroft- You called little brother?

Sherlock- I was just checking up on you. You have been rather queit for the past few days...

Mycroft- I've.. been busy.

Sherlock- Does that mean you've found you're 'goldfish?'

Mycroft- No... I would rather stay single. For BOTH our sakes.

Sherlock- So does that mean you're 'working out' for your goldfish?

Mycroft- God dammit Sherlock! Stop assuming things. And yes, I am trying to cut down. 

Sherlock- Well. you are welcome to come to dinner brother. I have some vegetables that need finishing.

Mycroft- And why can't you eat them?

Sherlock- Everything else.... is transport...

Mycroft- Fine. But I will get one of my gaurds to pick it up.

Sherlock- Why not you? It it too much exercise for you?

Mycroft- Don't..... argh... Later dear brother...

Mycroft left the chatroom 

Sherlock- I was only asking...

Sherlock left the chatroom 


Do you think Mycroft is hiding something? Also sorry for late updating I have too many exams, thanks XD 

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