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Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson joined the chatroom

Molly.H joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Oh, hello Molly. I didn't expect you here... Anyway, I actually needed to talk to you. May I have a look at this body. I will send the file now.

Sherlock sent an attatchment to Molly.H

Sherlock- Does this stupid thing really have to state everything?!

Molly.H- That's fine, I will have it ready for tonight. 

Watson- Sorry to interupt.... but Sherlock I am going on my Honeymoon, so I won't be joining you from tommorow. 

Sherlock- Ok John. That is fine with me. I will chip in on that now... Molly fancy solving crimes?

Molly.H- Yes... ok... What about someone else? 

Sherlock- I would rather go for someone I actually know then a complete stranger. I will be at Barts later. Good afternoon.

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson- Typical. You allright Molly? You sure you want to solve crimes with him. 

Molly.H- I do not mind. I think he needs someone. Have fun on your Honeymoon, or as Sherlock would put it 'Sex holiday' :)

Watson- Thanks Molly. See you soon. Have fun with Sherlock!

Watson left the chatroom 

Molly.H- I sure will...

Molly.H left the chatroom


I'd give anything to solve crimes with Sherl! ;) 

And is it just me, but that pic at the top is wonderful XD 

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