The Man With The Umbrella Part 2

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TW: Guns,blood, death

Reader POV

"Attention. It is now time for breakfast" A woman voice said over the PA.

Crazy woman then started to approach me and sae-byeok who where sitting on the stairs of the beds. "Hey. What did you see? Tell me now." Leaning her arm against the frame. "You said you'll tell me in the morning." "Masked guys with pots,and they were melting liquid down there." "What was it?" "I couldn't tell." "I had to put a whole show back there to save you." Letting a small laugh remembering her show of how her shit couldn't come out.

I bet that was harder then pushing out a baby eh.

The womens attention directing it self onto me. "It smelt like sugar" sae-byeok said while still staring at me while 212's attention was directed back to her. "That's it? That's all you were able to find?" Sae nodding her head 'yes.'

"If you don't tell me everything that you saw I'll burn your eyes out with my cigarettes." My eyes glaring at 212 at the threat. Sae looking up slowly looked at the woman. The womans gaze switching between us.

212 starting to slowly stand up straight said "I guess I'm just hungry. Probably sugar cravings." Then walking away. Grabbing the hand of my lover I kissed the back of her hand. Pushing myself closer to her I wrapped my arms around her I said softly "Lets go get breakfast."

Standing up straight i leaned down to pick up sae-byeok bridal style. Immediantly she squealed and linked her arms around my neck. Carrying her down the steps until we got to the line was when inset her down carefully.

Causing her to squeal like that and break down her cold front was the most adorable shit ever. Making her face the front of the line until we got our bread and milk. Walking to her bed we sat ourselves down eating our breakfast in a peaceful silence.

While eating I felt a state burning itself into my side profile. Looking at the direction I felt it from I saw a player.

Player 218

I made eye contact with the male before sending him a questioning glance with my middle finger.

Classical music than began to play over the speaker. "Attention. The second game will begin shortly."


Walking up the steps in front of sae-byeok I heard a talk behind sae-byeok. Turning around I saw number 218 talking to her. Ignoring their conversation I continued to walk up.

Walking into a blue room with oversized play ground items I took a hold of saebyeoks hand. "Players please choose one of the 4 shapes in front of you then create a line."

Two men, one of them being 218 not hesitating walked towards the triangle. "We should follow 218. He looks like he knows what he's doing." I told sae-byeok. Nodding her head we started walked towards the triangle line.

The circle strawberry gave me and sae a silver circle shaped container. Walking towards the bottom of the oversized slide. Looking at the lines i noticed one of 218's friends going for the umbrella. Why the he'll is he not going with 218?

"Please take a moment to check the contents inside."

Everyone starting to open the lid. Looking at the shape they chose. Me and sae having a triangle with a needle.

"The next game is sugar honeycomb.
The shape you have chosen is the shape you must remove from the honeycomb."

Looking at 456 I noticed a dread look appear onto his face. I noticed 218 looking at his friend. That bitch knew what game we were playing since sae mentioned sugar. Wow what a friend.

Rolling my eyes at my thoughts and 218's loyalty to nothing.

"The time limit is 10 minutes. You will pass the game is you trim out the shape without it cracking or breaking within the time limit."

Let the games begin

Letting my shoulder touch saebyeoks I started to carve out my shape while glancing at sae's hoping it wouldn't break. Already seperating one side from the shape I decide to glare at 218 which he noticed letting him know that I know his antics.

A gunshot then rang out above us which caused gasping and a small scream to errupt from the players. Flinching at the sound I heard something slide down. Don't tell thats a fucking body playing right now.

The first death seemed to cause a chain reaction as more people cracked there honeycomb causing more gunshots and bodies to drop. Looking at sae's honey comb I noticed she only needed one side left. Working on mine while more gunshots rung out.

Player 111, pass

Taking of another honey comb side with only one left. Dexiding to take a risk I snapped the last side off.

It cracked perfectly.

Sighing in relief sae showed me her triangle to which we showed to the triangle strawberry.

Player 067 and 333, pass.

Walking out of the room I grasped saebyeoks hand tightly as if the second I let go she would dissapear. Walking down to go back to the main room gunshots started to ring out making most of us look up. Noticing 456 and 128 in line with us I sent a wave towards 456 in which waved back nervously while I sent both my middle fingers towards 218.


Word count: 910

Sorry for the short word count

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