S2 Chapter 14: Descent Into Darkness! The Battle In The Labyrinth!!

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(Play the song on the third battle.. trust me, it'll be worth it)


Violet Eye: So my dear child, in this battle i will be trying my absolute hardest to draw out your true strength.

Athena: My true strength huh?

Violet Eye: Of course! since this is the last stage, i want this to be super special and i want this to be the best battle in ages

*Athena looked at Violet Eye with an odd look*

Athena: Well if you insist..

*Both Athena and Violet Eye stare at each other as the battle was about to begin, their auras glowing brightly the final stage was about to begin*

Computer: First Battle!!

*Athena puts her bey into Right Spin Attack Mode as her copycat did the same. Both bladers take their position and the battle begins.*

Computer: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and Guardian Adeona revs up for an attack as it grinds on its metal attachment and starts to speed up*

Athena: Alright Adeona! Get in there!!

Violet Eye: Bring it! I'll show you what my Adeona can do!

*Both Adeonas collide and both bladers yell out fiercely as the their awakened wings begin to coil back*

Violet Eye/Athena: Guardian Bound!!

*Both beys get sent reeling and Guardian Adeona rushes up the stadium at top speed as Black Adeona follows suit*

Violet Eye: Attack! Adeona!!

*Black Adeona collides into Guardian Adeona with a heavy strike but it holds on*

Violet Eye: This is over!!

Athena: I don't think so!!

*Both beys get sent flying and they both hit the ground at the same exact time which resulted in a draw*

Computer: Double Over Finish! Draw!!

*Athena and Violet Eye stare at each other with intensity, only one of them was getting ejected from the Snake Pit and neither of them felt like leaving until the won*

Violet Eye: A draw huh? Maybe you're a bit better than i thought.

Athena: So are you..

Violet Eye: But i'll be the one that wins this battle!

*Athena stared at him intensely as her corrupted eyes flashed, Violet Eye took a step back as it completely startled him*

Violet Eye: W-What was that just now? was i imagining that?

Computer: Second Battle!

*Both bladers took positions as a very haunting atmosphere was coming off of Athena, Violet Eye gasped in horror as he saw Athena smiling the most evil smile she ever could*

Violet Eye: What the hell is with her?! That darkness is so overwhelming!

Computer: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Both beys land in the stadium and both Adeonas race towards the center and collide head on and lock together in a fierce clash and Guardian Adeona was sent flying*

Athena: Hold tight Adeona! Keep hanging in there!!

*Adeona landed back in the stadium and Black Adeona was on the approach as it forced it into the center and wailed at it with a fierce barrage of ruthless attacks. Adeona tilts on its attachment and dodges the next attack*

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