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Songs of the chapter:

Houdini, Foster the People.

Teacher, Nick Jonas.


"Are you coming?" Shawn asks me.

"I'm really tired and I have homework to do,"

"Excuse us a second," Miranda tugs me backwards.

"Linda don't come and be a nerd with me," Miranda scolds.

"I'm not being a nerd I just feel so tired and just when we get to the bar I will fall asleep,"

"Linda..." She repeats like a mother when the child doesn't wash the dishes on time and still don't go and do it after some time.

"I have an appointment; I am FaceTiming my best friend,"

"Okay, go! But tomorrow you will go to the movies because I need to see Daniel RadCliffle," she licks her lips.

"Tomorrow's Halloween,"

"You celebrate it?" She asks me.

"I will go to a private party with..."

And I don't finish the sentence; Miranda covers her mouth and shakes her head.

"Are you going to a party with Harry and you didn't invite me?"

"I don't know if it's a public party and I offered to go so I just couldn't tell him I was inviting friends,"

"Linda! Well, I don't care if you don't invite me because I don't celebrate Halloween but are you aware you are hurting yourself by spending time with him and being nothing?"

"I just offered to go because he didn't have a partner is not like I'm marrying him in Las Vegas," I roll my eyes.

"If you went to Las Vegas and marry him it would meant you would have something but here during Halloween in London you guys are nothing and you are just hurting yourself and him. But just go, just see how he behaves and then you will tell me everything and we will plan if you can try being friends or not,"

"Okay mama," I say jokingly.

"Stay safe and sound kiddo," she jokes too and walks away after saying goodbye.

I walk upstairs to my flat, I haven't done exercise in so long and now that I am not tired or have homework I have time to get dress and go for a run.

And that's what I do, I am here listening to Music from the iPod Harry gave me once and to the music we both have in common.

Houdini by Foster the People is one of them, it's an amazing song for a workout so I run faster and farther from my house. I run in front of my father's house and tilt up my head to see if there's movement and the lights are on.

I haven't contacted him since yesterday and I feel so sorry about this, if he really went to rehab and changed I want to give him another opportunity because after everything all these months I got to know him I really felt he is my father and I don't want to lose my father for a decade again.

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