But today is not the day, I am here running feeling the breeze messing my hair and air filling my lungs, I am not mad at Harry for saying he was with me but I just feel even if we are not together he thinks he can control me and parent me.

That's what pissed me the most.

Is not like I want to fight about it but tomorrow before going to this party I am attending with him, which I haven't bought the costume yet, I will tell him that was disgusting and he can't rule me anymore, that I want to be her friend and hang out with him while he is free of work.

I love him so much and I don't want to be away from him even if I say so most of the time, if we won't be a couple then I want to be friends with him.

I take my iPod and now that I'm in front of a free Wi-Fi zone I buy Teacher by Nick Jonas and listen to it while I continue running. Feeling cold breeze all over my body is just an amazing feeling and I really missed working out.


I use the elevator this time, I am exhausted but I feel relieved after freeing myself after a few months of going home from university and university to the library to study better.

I unlock my door and before I can close it the elevator opens again. I turn around and see Harry, he smiles and walks to me.

"How was your day?"

"Not that busy to hear your interview by Grimshaw," I laugh.

"It was actually a phoned interview, I was here in your sofa while talking to him," he says.

"Wow my sofa is a radio station now then," he smiles and shakes his head looking down on the floor.

He is so cute, I can't really pretend I don't want to hug and kiss him like I used to, those cheeks and his hair that is so messy but I feel like messing it more...

"Why are you here though?" I ask.

"I was having lunch in a pub and Ethan got there, we had a chat... a really friendly chat and he just gave me two invitations for his pre wedding party,"

"What?!" I gulp and take the invitation.

If you received this invitation, it means you will forever be part of our love and that you are such a good friend. From billions of people you meet daily, the ones that remain are the real ones, people like you!

"That is so cute, Ethan deserves the best!" My eyes fill with tears, I am so happy for him and I'm a little hurt actually...

"Hey," Harry lifts my head, "why are you crying?"

"It's nothing..." I wipe my tears with my sweater.

"Look at me and talk to me," he obliges.

"It's just so sad seeing all the people that involve us having their best time in relationships. Niall is with Kaylee in this moment there in LA helping her to walk again and loving her even more, Paige has a lovely boyfriend, Ethan is now getting married, Jacob can't love more Gemma because it will be impossible, my brother is married and has a lovely kid, my mother is engaged and is so busy to plan her wedding but she is! And here we are fighting over nothing and then breaking up and hurting each other... our love was big and it didn't work out, that's why I'm crying,"

And right now I am sobbing, I didn't want to cry this much in front of him but I am doing it and just when I realise I am very angry with him I shake my head when he lifts my chin and walk to my bedroom.

I lay down on my bed and cry harder, I am so sensible right now. I hadn't fallen in love and then I did, I didn't believe in love and now I do. I was even more Virgin than a baby and now I can't count with all my fingers and toes the time I've had sex. I used to drink daily and now I'm sober for months. I used to hate my mother and brother and now I love them.

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