The Man With The Umbrella Part 1

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Author note: This won't really include the rest of the chracters until you start teaming up but there will be moments where you notice them.

TW: Guns, Blood, Death
Let me know I need to add more.

Reader POV

Waking up to someone shaking me I smacked the persons hand away trying to get more comfortable before my blanket was snatched from me. Sitting up straight, the bright lights from above burning my eyes making me squint.

Looking to my right noticing that the person who snatched my blanket was Sae-byeok. Sending her a sarcastic smile as if I just didn't hit her I said "Hi." Rolling her eyes at me she threw my blanket over my head making look like I was a ghost in a old movie.

Pulling the blanket off from me I grabbed sae-byeoks hand pulling her down until she was on top of me. Hugging her waist I kissed the top of her head noticing how she had a small smile bloom on her face

Picking at the sleep crust at the corner of my eyes. Setting out a hand for sae-byeok she gently put her hand in mine before I pulled her harshly making her bump into me. "Really?" She said. "Yes really."

Now in between the structure of the beds did we see 101 and his group approaching us. Crouching behind sae-byeok as to not be seen. The other players knowing us as the protective girlfriends for one another. People trying to attack us until the other came along.

Using the benefit of people being afraid of us I wanted to use that with 101 and his group. 101 then started to speak to Sae-byeok his goons behind him. "I'll take you in again and look past everything. Come and join us."

Rolling my eyes at the pathetic attempts this man was using to get sae-byeok on his side. "Are you actually serious?" "Drop the tough act you know you can't beat this game on your own." Standing up behind her the dudes goons noticing me taking small steps back.

Their leader also noticing me. Taking out my pocket knife pointing it at them before making the sharp end glide over my neck.  Focusing their attention on sae-byeok again still taking wary glances my direction.

"You notice how they took all the beds of all the dead players. Yeah, that may be you." "Worry about you own ass, ok." 101 taking a glance towards me and in a quick motion I set the knife straight up against my lips motioning 'shh'.

Putting it in my pocket. Watching sae-byeok call him out about how he tried to pickpocket his own boss. Number 101 starting to get angry took a step foward taking ashort glance at me before we heard footsteps.

Taking out my pocket knife out once again the blade shining. "Excuse me. Am I interrupting you?" Yes, yes you are.

"Sorry" "What is it?" 101 questioned the woman. The woman who I mentally noted as 212 glanced towards 101's direction. "Oh, boy. You're really good looking." Standing next to sae-byeok I sent her the what the hell does this woman see look.

"Come on, let me join you guys. I'll be your teammate." Getting weird vibes from 212 I moved my left arm to wrap around swe-byeoks waist pulling her closer to my side. My right hand hiding my pocket knife behind us.

101's teammates atarting to chuckle at the woman. "Tell me what you're good at?" "Everything, except the things I can't do." Moving a bit behind sae so I know stood next to the weird woman.

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