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The Alpha's P.O.V

"Dominic get down here this instant!" Mom yells from downstairs.

I roll my eyes yelling back," Mom I'm in the middle of doing paper work, whatever is happening down there is going to have to wait."

Hearing footsteps pound against the steps mom rushes into the room saying," I realize you are alpha and all but that is no way to talk to your mother. Now, I was going to say that Alex and Dex have found some rouges that were wondering about the border."

"You should have just said that. I'll be back in half an hour if there aren't any problems. If any of you need anything, call and don't forget we are having a pack barbeque tonight." I rush out while running down to the pack cells.

Waiting for me when I get there are my beta Alex and delta Dex. Nodding at them they lead me to the four cells that are now occupied with rouges.

Alex turns to me reporting," When we got to the area we found four rouges. Three of them are men and the other is a girl, but the girl is not one of us she is a kitten shifter. Oh, and the girl refuses to shift into her human form as do the rouges. We also believe that the girl was not part of their group that she was just simply following them for food."

"Alright then we should interview the girl first seeing as she has no ties to them." I announce.

Dex immediately unlocks the cage furthest to the left and picks up a kitten. Carrying the kitten to the interrogation, I notice that the kitten is strangely wearing glasses.

Anyways when we enter the room I use my alpha voice and command," Shift!"

The kitten stares at me for a moment then walks over to me pawing at my clothing. Sighing I take off my shirt give it to the kitten and turn around. Dex and Alex follow my lead and soon we hear the sound of bones shifting.

"You can turn around now." A miniscule voice sounds from behind us.

We all turn around at once and look at the small girl in front of us. She has chestnut brown hair that seems to curl on its own, with bright baby blue eyes that are framed by her nerd style black glasses.

Alex clears his throat to break the uncomfortable stare off and we all sit down, while asking," Why were you on our pack lands?"

"Oh I'm dearly sorry, I was just following those rouges so I didn't have to worry about food. I didn't mean to cross over onto your land's." She sounds, now with a slight hint of a british accent.

I feel my wolf stur more as she talks so I say," Well we won't harm you but we can't let you go. We would like to know more about the rouges you were following."

"Of course, anything to help out, by the way I'm Angela." She politely says back.

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