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have some izana fluff before we meet kakucho 🥰

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have some izana fluff before we meet kakucho 🥰

you became good friends with izana as the days pass, he was exceptionally nice towards you and rude to others, the orphanage staff said that he had what they called a 'soft spot' for you, not even giving a shit about him cursing out the other kids and just fawned over him being nice to you.

he had taught you and himself sign language, it was nice he took time out of his day just so he could speak to you, his hard work paid off well, and is now able to hold a short conversation with you. the way his face lights up every time you answer him was enough to fill you with determination in learning more sign language.

setting that aside, almost four months had passed, days go by quickly when you're having fun huh?

you still remembered when you both celebrated his birthday on the rooftop, at first you had no idea but when he asked you about your birthday, he nonchalantly said, "it's my birthday today actually" you panicked, feeling guilty you didn't know.

so you frantically signed, "why didn't you tell me?!"

he merely shrugged and proceeded to flip another page, "didn't know you would care"

you left him at the rooftop after that, bugging mirai to help you gather ingredients in making onigiri, the woman was confused at first, she didn't entirely know a lot of signs, the only things she knew were, 'i'm hungry', 'izana's in trouble' and 'i fell', but she still helped nonetheless.

she found your panda-shaped onigiris cute, but they were for the birthday boy! so you quickly ran back to the rooftop, being careful as to not trip and fall.

izana was stunned when you presented him the rice cakes, he thought you were mad at him for not informing you about his birthday and left but nooo, you just went to the kitchen to make him these? he had never celebrated his birthday in his 8 years of existence, just treating them like a normal day, but now that you're here, all of his birthdays will be celebrated!

and that was also the day izana swore to protect you from everyone and everything.

"n/n?" izana waved his hand in front of your face, eyebrows scrunched up in worry, "are you okay?"

you nodded and tilted your head to the side, which meant, "yes, why?"

"you look so distracted, i mean, look, you don't even know your gonna bump into a tree"

stupidly, you turned to look, just to bang your head in the said tree. 'should've listened to him and stepped away idiot.'

izana laughed but he still checked if you got hurt.

there was a small scratch not that big of a deal but to izana it was, he grabbed your hand and marched back inside the orphanage, demanding for the tree to be cut down before going up to the rooftop again.

he stood in front of you and reached into his pocket, revealing a heart patterned bandage. he was taller than you so it was easy for him to stick the bandage on the cut, "there", you were about to thank him before he grabbed you by the sides of your face and placed a gentle kiss on top of the bandage.

okay, this boy has got to stop before your heart explodes.


"it's already late, let's go back inside" izana closed the book and stood up, extending a hand towards you.

you sweatdropped at this, earlier you were shaking him so aggressively to try and tell him it was already late and mirai must be worried, the boy, however, paid no mind to you and continued reading.

but you still stood up and followed him to the door.

the white-haired male tried twisting the doorknob open but it wouldn't budge, your heart started beating faster at the sight of dark clouds, it was gonna rain. izana continued trying to push the door open but it just wouldn't move.

then all of a sudden, lightning struck.

you swore your soul almost jumped out of your skin but thankfully, it didn't and stayed inside your body.

it was raining.


izana frowned, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around you before dragging you to a shelter, "mirai-san would see us not in our rooms, she'll come to get us later", he reassured you, but you didn't care about that now, rather, you were concerned he was gonna get sick. the shelter he found could only fit one person and he insisted on you taking up the spot, telling you he didn't want you getting sick.

about 30 minutes passed before mirai came rushing towards you and izana, she took notice of you being sheltered and izana completely drenched, "oh my god, i am so sorry"

you waved her off and gestured towards izana, the woman nodded and wrapped a coat around him before guiding the two of you back inside.

izana had gotten sick the next day, he kept on insisting he was okay and that he should go back into learning sign language, but you quickly dismissed him by telling him the books got wet. it was concerning how he was worried about the books more than his well-being.

he was so persistent on learning sign language just to talk to you it was cute.

mirai reassured him that she was gonna go to the bookstore to buy new books, only if he stayed in bed for the rest of the day. he obeyed, surprisingly.

while she was away, you sneaked into izana's room and proceeded to take care of him, like changing the towel on his forehead, giving him his medicine and helping him change his clothes when it got too hot. (just a reminder, they are kids here, i do not want a single comment sexualizing this)

"you're gonna get sick" izana frowned, watching you bring him some *okayu served in a tray.

you copied his frown and placed the tray on his lap before signing, "i don't care, you're sick so i'm gonna take care of you", you took a seat next to his bed and proceeded to feed him, ignoring his complaints about having hands and being able to take care of himself.

after finishing the food you brought, izana went back to laying on the bed, "n/n, you're seriously gonna get sick"

you just sent him a toothy grin, pushing his hair back and signing, "you'll take care of me right?"

"is that even a question? of course, i will"

"then i don't mind getting sick"


*okayu = a simple dish made with rice and water, it is known as a healing food in japan

*okayu = a simple dish made with rice and water, it is known as a healing food in japan

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