Hell Part 2

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Tw: None that I know of

Reader POV

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Little fact: Reader is 5'11

Standing on the sidelines of the playground. Waiting for sae-byeok who was getting her brother from the caretaker. Watching the little kids with a small smile knowing I was like that once.

Knowing everything about sae-byeok since dancing last night sharing our stories. I knew her brother meant everything to her. Watching sae-byeok approach me with a little boy next to her hand in hand.

Stopping in front of me. Her brother slowly looking up, his gaze meeting mine I sent a small smile and wave his direction.

Sae-byeok smiling at the interaction. All three of us sitting on some steps. Sae-byeok hugging her brother, my heart swelling at the sight. Sae then pulled out 2 ice creams from her pockets offering one to me.

Taking the snack happily with a big smile on my face "Thank you!" I said failing to notice the soft look in her eyes while looking at me being giddy.

Offering her brother the other he didn't take it. "What? No ice cream for you, little man." The little boy staring at the ground. Putting the snack in her lap she clasped her hands together leaning on her knees.

"How'd you get you're face like that? Did you get in a fight?" "Did you!? I swear I'll fuck them up where are they!" I questioned the little boy already feeling overprotective over him. Seeing a small smile appear on both siblings faces.

"If you don't wanna talk to me I'll just leave." She said while standing up. "Wait. I don't wanna stay here, okay? Where's mom you said we'll be together again." Both me and Sae crouching down next to the little boy.

"Cheol. Listen--" "All the kids told me you lied. They said I'll be abonded her." The boy now known as Cheol said tears drenching his eyelashes. Sae-byeok quickly embracing her brother while I stood there letting them have their family moment.

Words being told to reassure the boy by his big sister. Before embracing him tighter.


Walking with Sae hand in hand we reached a...store? The place being called 'Southern Men, Northern Women' "You'll have to stay out here" Sae says breaking the silence. "Okay" I said while giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Looking down at my feet I noticed a yellow card with three shapes. A few minutes later she exited the building. Finally standing beside me I showed her the card. "Wanna go back?" "Yes"


After hiding my pocket knife in my bra again did we wait for the van to arrive did Sae tell me her plan of sneaking her her pocket knife telling her what I did she told me she didn't want to risk it so she'll cover her nose when the gas releases.

"I'm gonna inhale the gas" I told her. She sent me a questioning look. "Been sleep deprived. I'm gonna inhale those drugs so I can sleep." Softly laughing at my reason. Hearing an engine we both looked left noticing the same green van.

Me and her sharing a look did she go first. I entered sitting next to her giving her a kiss to the cheek. Whispering in her ear "Good luck."

The gas being released knocking me out while I leaned against sae-byeok. Did the darkness welcome me? Yea pretty much.


Word count: 577

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