Hell part 1

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Reader POV

All the remaining player huddled around the beds in the darkness while me and 067 sat a meter away while holding hands. Deciding to get to know her I asked "Whats your name pretty girl?"

"Sae-byeok, Kang sae-byeok." She said slightly red. "And you?" She looked at me with her sharp eyes. "Gae Y/n." "Can I hold your hand when I want to y/n?" Looking at her while smiling softly I whispered "Yes you can."

While wrapping my hands around her waist. She started to shuffle around before her left leg was on top of my right. Leaning our heads against each other for a few minutes before the wide metal doors opened and strawberries entered and the lights turned on.

Everyone started to stand up while me and sae stood by the sidelines, arms linked. This time there were 4 triangles on each side of the square with guns.

"Congratulations you made it through the first game. I will now announce the results of the first game." Square strawberry announced before the screen showing the number of players 456 started to drop until it reached 201. Everyone staring down the screen.

"Out of 456 players, 255 players were eliminated and only 201 players successfully completed the first game." Everyone starting to gasp in horror and murmur amongst each other.

Unlinking arms with sae gripping her hand tightly in fear that she will become eliminated. "Mister, please!" A woman numbered 212 cried out. "Listen. I'm so sorry." While rubbing her hands against each other as if she was planning something mischievous.

"I swear I'll pay what I owe" she said, dropping onto her knees, sobbing. "Please,sir. I have a child. Oh! So young, I still need to name my child.

More people getting on their knees begging for forgiveness saying they'll pay their debt.
"We are here to give you a chance, not to collect your debts." Square strawberry said.

"A chance! Playing children games while getting shot is some chance?!" A random man said. "This is just a game. They were simply eliminated for breaking the rules."

A man numbered 066 yelled out "I just wanna go home and leave this place." Everyone starting to murmur agreeing with them man. While me and sae glanced at each other to see each others reactions.

"The contract stated in clause 1 that a player is not allowed to stop playing."
said strawberry. "You think you'll get away with this, huh. The police will come." Don't you at least think they probably bugged out phones so no one can track us? You dumb piece of shit.

"Your doomed if you don't let us go!" "We're all dead!" Square mask pulling out a gun and shooting the roof while everyone ducked. Some screaming. While me and sae hit behind the bed frames.

The triangle strawberries pointing their guns straight at us. Seeing this I positioned myself in front of sae to protect her. "Clause 2 if a player refuses to play they will be eliminated."

218 then spoke up "Consent from clause 3, if the majority agrees, we can stop playing. Or am i wrong?" "You are correct." "Then lets vote on ending this."

"Alright then, we will vote to decide the termination of the games. But before we vote let me announce the prize money as we promised." Taking a controller he pressed a button making the big piggy bank appear with a pipe appearing on top entering the bank.

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