Boys...Why do I even bother? chapter 9

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Heeeey! Sorry it's been so long! I've been insanely busy this last month. And my computer got a virus so my bro spent like 2 weeks fixing it...guess what...It's fixed!


So anyway I really wanted to upload today cuz the story's getting pretty exciting.

I hope you guys think so too!

Boys...Why do I even bother?

Chapter 9


It's Friday morning and I'm dancing around my room listening to my iPod. I've already done my hair and makeup and I had a little extra time seeing I picked out my outfit last night. I'm dancing around to Born For This by Paramore (which might I say is very hard seeing Paramore isn't really pop, so I'm stuck doin this weird head banging thing whilst shaking my hips) when the door opens. I quickly spin around to see who has interrupted my little dance party, but I turn around too fast and lose my balance. I land on my butt. I look up at the person who is standing in my doorway, chuckling.

Of course.

It's Josh.

No, it couldn't be someone I liked, like Declan or Brooke. It had to be someone I despised.

He walks over and holds out his hand. I grumble and take it reluctantly. He pulls me up and I swear he starts checkin me out. That's when I realized I was still in my pjs. A tank top and short shorts.

"My eyes are up here buddy," I say and cross my arms over my chest.

He smiles and replies, "I know."

I roll my eyes and grab a sweatshirt and throw it on so at least my top half is covered.

"Seriously, Josh, what the hell are you doin in my house!?!" I yell.

"I needed to talk to you," he said shrugging his shoulders.

"And it couldn't wait till, I dunno, school?!" I ask.

He shrugged his shoulders again.

"How did you get in my house?" I ask. 

"Your mom let me in," he said with a smile.

"What did you say to her?" I ask.

"Damn is this 20 questions?" Josh says, pretending to be annoyed, "I told her I was your friend and that's it,"

I nod. "So what was it that you needed to talk to me about, that apparently couldn't wait till school?"

"Well," he says in an uncomfortable voice, "I heard you were hanging out with Declan at his house tonight,"

Why was he talking to me about this?

"Uh, yeah I am," I say looking at him weirdly. I notice he is wearing a green t-shirt that matches his eyes nicely and jeans that hung low on his hips.

Josh sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

"I wanted to warn you," he says avoiding my gaze.

"I know what your gonna say. Brooke told me yesterday. It's different this time. Declan really likes me." I say with sureness.

He stares at me like he can't believe me.

"What?! Do you know how long I've known Declan? I've known him since the beginning of high school! He's pressured all of his girlfriends! And once he gets what he wants, he drops them! He fucks em' and chucks em' as some people like to say. He's a player, Danielle," he looks at me intensely, his green eyes boring into mine.

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