MGIAGF: The Mysterious Veterinarian

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Chapter 4

**Back at the Temple**

"Was there really a drawing here?" A reporter asked, taking a picture of the mysterious painting.

"Of course. It's always here. But it vanished!" The old monk/guide replied.

"It doesn't look like there are any signs of being deliberately rubbed out." The investigator said, scanning the painting.

"Was there any visitors last night?" The investigator asked, looking at the monk.

The monk quickly nodded and said, "There's a group of pupils visited here yesterday. I'm afraid, one of their pupils might have entered this temple."

"Then could one of those pupils have done this?" The investigator asked. "I don't know and I hope not." The monk said with a shrug.


After an hour or so, a van stopped at the temple. The old monk smiled and scooted over the van as it opened. A brown-haired boy with glasses came out of the vehicle.

"Welcome." Said the monk, still smiling. He smiled back. "Thank you. Where's he?"

The monk led him to the Sapsal dog that he gave to the temple. The dog's been barking furiously since earlier.

He calmed him down and the monk thanked him.

"It seems like he's calmed down." He said, smiling. "Really? Thank you, Hiccup. I'm sorry for making you come so far. It's just that I was worried he caught a bad disease." The old monk said.

"It's fine. But did something happen last night?" Hiccup asked.

The monk nodded as he led him to the temple and showed the painting.

"The drawing of the fox in the painting suddenly disappeared. Does that mean it disappeared or does that mean it was erased? I guess you could say it ran away." The monk said, pointing to the picture. After a few moments the monk left, leaving Hiccup alone.

He takes a moment looking at the painting before taking his eyeglasses off. "I even made the Sapsal dog watch it. But it ran away. Someone must've helped it." He said smirking.

"Who was it?" He whispered, his smirk turning into frown.


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