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꒻꒤ꇙ꓄ ꋬ ꍌꋬꂵꏂ
// Sae-byeok POV \\

We all got back inside after Red Light, Green Light. And tbh that game messed me the fuck up now. I was still a bit shocked but calmed down a bit. I saw Y/N just a few feet away from me, and I could tell she was also a bit shocked, and worried.

I was still looking at Y/N when a woman kneeled down and begged for the game to stop. 'Pathetic' I thought. Soon, a lot of people started begging to be let go which if they do, they will be eliminated, which means death. I was gonna think they will all be eliminated until Player 218 stood up and said something I wished he didn't. "One of the rules said if the majority of people vote to leave, the games will end" 'Really man, it's like a billion dollars and you wanna leave?' I thought to myself being annoyed with him. I could tell Y/N was annoyed also.

A few minutes later the masked figures were telling us if we press the green button, we keep playing. If we hit the red button, it stops the game. "We will call you by your reversed numbers" The masked figure said.

'So that means Y/N goes first' I thought looking over to her. I think she could tell I was staring at her so when she looked at me, I looked away with my cheeks getting a bit hot. "Player 567" The masked figure called. Everyone looked at Y/N, I saw she was a bit nervous. But I prayed that she picks green. I saw her about to press the red button, but then stopped. I heard a loud buzz and looked up to see that she picked green, a lot of people started protesting which was stupid because it was her choice.

I was called a bit later. I walked up to the buttons and did not hesitate to press green. I could tell people were angry at me but I did not give a fuck. I went over to Y/N and said, "What if the game ends" She flinched a bit at my presence before she said, "If it does, I'll just go back to my old shitty life" I looked at her and our eyes locked, I just didn't want it to end until the last person was called up. An old grandpa. I prayed that he picked green. All of that went to shit when he picked red. I didn't make a scene but I was mad, and so was Y/N.

"The majority had voted for the game to end but, we will leave the doors open if you want to come back and participate again" My eyes then light up, 'Come back, yes!' I thought as I looked at Y/N and she looked back. We locked eyes one more time until we passed out.

I was thrown onto the cold ground, stripped. I noticed my hands and feet were tied and I had a blindfold on. I used the ground to get my blindfold off. I was able to get it off, I looked around and saw Y/N also tied up and stripped. My cheeks went red when I only saw her in her bra and underwear. I looked away while untieing my hands, then my feet. I got dressed then walked over to Y/N who was still passed out. I lifted up her blindfold, I looked at her and thought, 'Why is she do adorable? Wait, what are you saying Sae-byeok your not gay! But what if I am?' My cheekes were bright red right now, I noticed I was still looking at her.

I then pulled her blindfold off, then untied her hands, then legs. I then grabbed her clothes and dressed her. I didn't want to leave her out in the cold so I decided to take her back to the shelter were me and my brother are staying. I picked her up bridal style and then went off..


i felt so weird writing this chapter ngl but thank you all so much for the views also!

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