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Halloween came by in a flash.

It was the evening of, and me, Mila, and Nessa all stood in the living room as we got our pictures taken by Ryland.

I took Nessa's idea of going as a vampire, wearing a velvet maroon bodysuit that had flowy black lace attached to the arms, with a black corset. I wore black lace stockings and black heels that complimented the outfit perfectly.

Mila changed her mind last minute and chose to go as a witch while Nessa wore a cute nurse costume.

I wasn't as excited for tonight like how I was before, but I got an excuse to get out the house and actually hang out with my friends like how I've been wanting to do for a while.

Vinnie decided that he was going to partake in the festivities tonight and dressed up as a vampire as well. He sent me a picture of the makeup he had done and I loved it, but then the question of who did the make up popped up in my head so I asked.

He then proceeded to tell me how his new friend, Melanie, was doing all of the guy's makeup for the Halloween party, so he just asked her.

I didn't speak on it anymore, and chose not to tell Mila or Nessa because I knew their reactions would be way worse than mine. I choose to stay silent about on how I feel whereas they like to confront things head on sometimes.

For the past few days, ever since the movie night, I'd been trying to ignore the joke Kio had made that night, but it kept replaying in the very back of my mind.

"What's got your all caught up in the head." Nessa whispers to me.

We were now sat in the car on our way to the Halloween party.

I shook my head not wanting to ruin the night with my troubled thoughts, and Nessa didn't speak on it again. She just took my hand and kissed the back of it before entwining our fingers together.

The drive to the house was a quick one after we got past some minor traffic. We pulled up to the house and just from the outside, you could tell it was fairly packed with people.

That made my anxiety sky rocket, and all I wanted to do was to find Vinnie and be around him.

We got out the car and Nessa still had our fingers entwined as she led us throughout the house. We were met with most familiar faces and great conversation, which made me feel a little better and more at ease.

It felt like we had been there for like hour before I finally spotted Vinnie.

His tall frame stood across the room, eyes roaming around the place as if he was looking for someone while Kio and Troy seemed to be talking his ears off about something that didn't interest him.

I looked away, as people passed me and began up small conversation before my eyes suddenly made their way back to Vinnie, whose eyes were already set on me.

I saw him whisper something to the boys and they both nodded before he walked away from them, heading directly towards me. "Hey stranger." He smiled, pulling me close to him.

I moved in close to him, not in anyway that would earn looks from the people around us, but in a friendly way.

"Hey... I'm glad I found you, I was really anxious earlier. I don't know, I always get like this at a party but today feels different." I said loud enough for him to hear.

"There's nothing you have to be worried about baby. I'm right here with you. But if you get uncomfortable we can just go home, I'll do anything to make you feel safe." He whispered leaning into my ear. A small smile played at my lips as I pushed him away lightly.

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