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𝐗𝐈𝐈: 𝐎𝐤𝐚𝐲 𝐌𝐨𝐦

Everyone awkwardly ate their potatoes in silence. We all sat in our own beds, and I turned to Sae-byeok to see her barely touching her food. I didn't want to try and be pushy and make her eat, after all, I didn't experience what she did. And I wasn't going to ask. What she saw, she may never want to repeat again, and I'd respect that.

I was however, a bit let down knowing the sweetest people in our group passed away. Not saying that anyone else was more deserving of death over them. My eyes flickered to Sang-woo. Not at all.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a man slowly start to stand up. Number 69. I tried not to laugh when reading his number. If I remember correctly, his wife was also here with him. I looked around the room, before my eyes landed on his worn out face. They softened a bit and I frowned. Oh.

He began to stalk to the middle of the main room, his face contorting into one of sadness and desperation.

"Let's end this. I-I can't take this anymore." He begged, looking around the room, before bowing his head and weeping. But he didn't stop. "We can stop playing if the majority agrees. If none of us agree, we can get out of here. Don't any of you want to leave?" His begging began to become frantic as he slightly raised his voice, 360-ing the room.

"If you wish to leave with me, please stand up."

I felt my heart break into several pieces, when he started to hopelessly look around the room at all the sitting figures. I did want to go home, but I couldn't leave this place empty handed.

He began to weep, thrashing his body forward. "How do you call yourselves human? Are you really going to continue this insanity? Because of that money!" He now started screaming, his face red and slick with his own tears.

"You— all of you killed those you were closest to." I felt eyes on the side of my head. "Because of that stupid money. If we get out—,"

The weeping man was cut off by a sleep deprived Sang-woo. He did the one thing you should never do in a place like this. Get himself involved.

"Will your wife come back if we leave?" He strolled calmly towards the man, and I felt my face heat up with anger. Who was he to say this stuff about a man mourning the loss of his wife? "Will you be forgiven for killing your wife?"

No, but if he kept on with this, let's hope I'd be forgiven for killing his pathetic ass.

"You should've died instead of her!" He grabbed onto the mans collar, pulling him roughly towards his face. Sang-woo turned to face the screen with the cash prize flashing on it. "That, isn't your wife."

I so badly wanted to intervene. Yes, I just said you should never get involved, and I'm kind kind of being a hypocrite, but Sang-woo was taking this way too far. I don't care how sad or heartbroken he is, everything he's doing right now is wrong.

But Sae-byeok is equally as sad and heartbroken, and she needed me most.

"You want us to leave and continue a shitty life? With this shitty guilt in our hearts?" He roughly pushed the frail and fragile man to the floor like the asshole he was before turning his attention to all of us.

"Do you all want to live like that? If you do, get up and leave right now!" He yelled, as 69 continued to weep.


◯ △ ▢

As usual, everyone was too scared to sleep. One man was praying, while one lady was struggling to keep her eyes open.

I turned to Sae-byeok who was staring into nothing. I got out of my bed and walked up to her, silently pushing her shoulders down. "What are you doing?" She softly asked, as she laid down on her bed.

I threw the blanket over her body, before looking at her. "You took care of me whenever I needed it, so let me take care of you. I'll keep watch for the night." She opened her mouth to say something, and I gave her a look which quickly shut her up.

I turned to sit in my bed, before I felt a tug on my sleeve. I turned to Sae-byeok, who was looking anywhere but at me.

"You're forgetting something." She said, in her usual, stoic voice, before pointing to her forehead. It took me a moment to understand what she meant, before I was grinning.

I bent down and gave her forehead an exaggerated kiss. "Good night Sae-byeok!"

◯ △ ▢

I was half asleep, tiredly and blankly staring at a wall before the lights turned on and music was being played. I groaned as I squinted my eyes, before I looked to the front where the masked people were filing into the room— with a box.

My eyebrows tiredly creased as 4 of them dragged it into the room, before they brought it to the side of a bed. Number 69's bed.

I turned to the my left, to see Sae-byeok awake, trying to see what was going on. This time, I quickly covered her eyes, shielding her away from the mans hanging body. She had seen enough in the past 24 hours. She didn't need to suffer anymore.

I heard her let out a soft huff. "It's not like it's something I haven't seen before." She tried pushing my hand away from her eyes, but I didn't budge as they cut the rope that was around his next.

"Player 69, eliminated."

I frowned. "I don't care, it's not something you should see. Especially in your state." I reprimanded, and I could feel her role her eyes against my hand.

"Okay mom."

I slowly let my hand down as the man was securely put in the box/coffin, and we all looked at the large piggy bank that begun to fill with even more cash.

I sighed. At this point, I was no longer surprised. I heard Sae-byeok shuffle a bit before she spoke. "I'm sorry I made you stay up." She whispered, and I turned to her.

I sent her a soft smile, shaking my head. "You deserved a good nights rest." Was all I said, before I looked ahead as an announcement was made.

"The fifth game will begin momentarily. All players, follow staffs instructions and proceed to the game hall."

this chapter is a bit more of a filler one and is also a bit short dont even come for me 🙄💯💯

also, i completely forgot about mr. casino/ chan-yeol so let's just pretend that that ugly mf died 😛😛

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i also forgot to mention that the story doesn't completely follow the TV show i wanted to spice it up and make it more dramatic 🙄🙄 so don't expect both of them to end the same or smth <3

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