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"Mr. Shrivastav, the final layout of this project has turned out to be amazing,if everything goes as planned both the companies can account double the profit, it just needs your signature for final steps", She spoke in the conference room with all other employees but her confidence is something I wanted to see in each employee in AS, But the way she called me is not sitting well with me, I mean yes there are some protocols we need to follow but I'm not in a habit now, I like her calling me Sidharth or even the extended version as Sidddhaarrrthhh.... Or anything she likes to call me but c'mon not Mr.Srivastav it's way to formal and I guess we are over that formal phase a long back, I have no doubts that what I feel for her is much more than just a friend or Aahnik's mother but I'm still not comfortable in accepting it as love although my heart knew that, but my brain had it's own reasons.

But her tone it is pissed off from yesterday, what went wrong is still a mystery or so I thought.
We were really enjoying at Kidzania with Aadia and Aahnik, almost at the verge of confessing what she feels and suddenly she wanted to go back, the kids were too tired and they agreed but why all of a sudden, I have been ignored from the time Or so I thought.

Exactly what happened ; Fuck.....
we were fine till the time I met Aditi, Aditi Adhiraj Sanger, my best friend the only daughter of Dr. Namit Sanger, Dad's best friend and a family doctor a cardiologist to be specific, Uncle wanted to shift to London and we eventually lost touch.

Fuck I'm getting this treatment from the same time I thought, Not again yaar Shehnaaz, I groaned internally realizing that I have fucked it up badly. I have ignored her unintentionally but she could have voiced it out right.

"Mr. Srivastav", she shouted a little loudly and I was broken out of my thought, I realised everyone was waiting for me to conclude the meeting.

" Sorry everyone I was just.... So where were we, yeah the project I must say all of you have done a wonderful work and it is receiving amazing responses from the public", I spoke and everyone smiled but the smile I wanted to see was still hidden somewhere.

" I may take a leave if you are done with everything Mr. Srivastav ", She spoke in a professional tone and I nodded.

" Aren't you suppose to ask me Mrs. Aneja" We heard Raichand speak and I felt my blood boiling listening him. Shehnaaz has told me her reluctance about agreeing to the project even when she was the one to design it and honestly I just hate people like Raichand. I couldn't be more proud of this girl than I already was, I would have done worse if he would have spoken with me in this tone.

" Excuse Me, Mr. Raichand but I guess I'm done with you", she spoke and her voice held agitation yet the composure and maturity.

"Not to forget you still work in Raichand Industries Mrs. Aneja" He smirked and I wanted to wipe it off his face

"I have already resigned in case you forgot, reason toh I guess you just proved again", she taunted and I so wanted to laugh at his expressions.

"I guess you should see that someone else is present here before you speak to me in this tone Mrs. Aneja, at least respect that I was your boss once, it was me who gave you job as a web designer and project manager when you had nothing remember" he retorted eyeing me and I was done with this guy now.

"She is talented Mr. Raichand, I guess you have no right to talk to her in the tone, well as she has already resigned your here is a proposal for you Shehnaaz, go through this and let me know ", I spoke giving her a file I prepared especially for her but never thought I would give it her this way. Her expressions changed to hurt again and I am not sure what I did this time.

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