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𝐗𝐈: 𝐉𝐞𝐣𝐮 𝐈𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝

We were all sitting amongst ourselves, enjoying each other's company in peace. But, everyone knew that peace here never lasted long. We had a peaceful and uninterrupted night, with no attacks, so now the day was going to be far from so.

As I was checking up on the old man who had fallen ill the night before hand, a loud alarm sounded, ringing in my ears. I stood up straight, looking through our little fort to see what was going on. Several of the masked people marched into the main room, with their handy guns.

Sae-byeok quickly stood beside me, 240 following behind, pulling me close to her. I looked worriedly at the old man, who stayed laying in the bed, clearly in a terrible state. "Why can't you hold me like that? I'm scared too." 240 jokingly said, making me let out a laugh. Sae-byeok simply let out a scoff before an announcement was made.

"All players, please line up in the middle. Let me repeat. All players, please line up in the middle." A masked person removed the barricades we made so we had a way out of our fort. "Everyone line up in the middle."

"Maybe they're leading us to our next game?" I said, as Sae-byeok led me to the middle by pushing against my lower back. She pursed her lips. "I doubt it. They've never done it like this before."

There were 4 lines in the middle of the room, as we lined up in our groups. The masked people walked by each of us, stopping for a moment before continuing to walk. Others walked around the room, as if they were searching for something.

"The fourth game will begin momentarily. All players, follow staff's instructions and proceed to the game hall." I turned around, grinning at Sae-byeok. "Told you so."

She playfully rolled her eyes as we were lead into the game room, with the classical music playing in the background. I smiled when I realised we were back in the colourful room, instead of that horrid white one.

However, looking up, I nearly lost my footing; thanks to Sae-byeok's trusty hands, I was able to stay upright. I couldn't rip my eyes away from the masked people who were hanging dead off of the ceiling. And what scared me even more was the fact that one of the hanging people wore the same clothing as us. 

"Players, what you witness before you, is what remains of those who broke their rules for their own benefit." I sucked on my teeth. I felt bad saying I wasn't surprised that the person who was hanging, was also apart of 101's team. Behaviour like this was to be expected of them. 

"Each and every one of you is considered equal," I glared at Sang-woo's back. "--within the walls of this facility. You must be guaranteed the same opportunities, without being disadvantaged or experiencing any kind of discrimination." 

And then we continued to mount up the flight of stairs as if what happened was normal, or even worse; it never happened at all. 

◯ △ ▢

We were back in that stupid white room, and I inwardly groaned at the stairs. If I got out of here, I'm sure I'd qualify for the olympics or something, with the amount of walking I've had to do during these few days. Once we made it to the bottom, we all huddled up in our group, as an announcement took place. 

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