I hate her

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I Hate Her.

Madison P.o.v

Chapter 42

I looked at him one more time before shaking my head and running upstairs , I was rubbing my neck as it was hurting me.

I watched him from upstairs as he got mad and stormed out the house.

I walked in to my room and plopped on to my bed and sighed.

Her very being annoyed me.

I hate her.

She stole Kyle.

Like when he came in our class for the first time , she probably told Mrs Smith to make him sit with her.

Ugh she such a whore !

She even stole my brother.

Like how the hell did they even meet he didn't even go same school as me.

I hate her since the first day I layed eyes on her in class.

She thought she was so perfect with her green eyes and curly hair , just cause she can attract man and not even try like other girls.

She walked with her head held low cause she taught she was to good for kids around the school.

Ugh I hate that hoe !

That's why I sabotaged her relationship with my brother.

He didn't need her , he didn't love her.

She was just a toy he liked for the time being.

I love my brother he deserved way better and she was shit.

He didn't mean anything by choking me , he was just letting his anger out.

He still loves me , I am his favorite sister. He won't stay mad at me forever..

What I did was for the best !

I hate her.

How you come with a baby to our house , she probably was going to tell him the baby was his.

Ugh she's a fucking ugly dirty bitch , I just can't stand her !

I Fucking Hate her !

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