23rd Jan 2014


11.30 pm

Zayn’s POV.

“What the bloody hell were you’ll thinking!” Simon shouts as he throws today’s paper on our table.

The headlines read “One Direction Anger Issues??” and it carries yet another picture of us and Ryan’s fight at the fair. It doesn’t surprise me as since after that fight we’re all over the news. Every newspaper, every channel, on the internet there’s only one thing- One Direction fights over girl. Yeah so cliché!

We’re in another one of the VIP clubs whose name I don’t remember. Simon had called us here for an urgent meeting. By us I mean myself and the lads. We were seated by a table in the VIP area when Simon had walked in. Oh scratch that! He had stormed in with a killer look in his eyes.

“Calm down Si” Niall speaks up.

“Calm down!!? Are you kidding me Niall! That little show you’ll put up 2 days ago do you even understand how it can affect our image” Simon continues shouting.

“It won’t .. everybody loves us” Louis states bored.

“Yeah..We’re One Direction” Harry chimes.

“Exactly you’ll are One Direction! Britain’s most loved boy band!! Hell you are the world’s most loved!! That was true until what you did on Sunday! The reviews I’m getting! People wanna know what’s going on with Zayn! Is Zayn cheating on Perrie! One direction fights over girl! Is this another publicity stunt! Oh for Christ’s sake!! This is all I’ve been reading and watching for the past few days! I know you are young and wanna have fun! Have fun but keep it away from the media! I don’t care if you fight, but I don’t for the love of God wanna be reading about it in the morning newspaper while drinking a cup of tea. You guys already know how hard we work so as to keep you on top and then you go ahead and do this stupidity!” Simon bellows.

“Hey it’s not just you we work hard as well” Liam gets up to face Simon.

“Two days! I’m giving you two days to sort this mess out” Simon addressses everyone holding out his 2 fingers

“I want it all back to normal.. Hold a press conference, have an interview and clear this shit out! I’ve already got enough on my plate! And to deal with love struck teens” Simon states as he glares at me,

“or with short tempered brats..” he looks at the rest of them and continues,

“ ..is not my job. You understand!” he ends as he starts to leave.

He looks back and mouths two days as he holds out two fingers and then walks out.

“What now?” Liam turns around and asks.

“Hold a press conference, have an interview” Louis tries to imitate Simon as he says and the lads start laughing.

I remove my phone from the pocket of my leather jacket and call Perrie. She receives after the third ring.

“Hello” her chirpy voice comes from the other end.

“Babe.. its me.. I’m coming over” I say and cut the call without waiting for her to answer.

I think it’s time for me to make things right. I get up and start to leave.

“Hey Zayn where you going?” Niall yells.

“Home” I wave my hand without looking back and head for the exit.


A/n: Yes I couldn't resist I did a Zayn's POV :D!

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