Chapter Five

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We arrived at King's Cross Station after a long journey. Uncle Lucius was banging on and on and on about how Dumbledore is a Muggle-loving prune. Honestly, I'm starting to get really annoyed with him. He does my head in sometimes. I look over at Draco, and breath a sigh of relief that he is rolling his eyes at Uncle Lucius. Thank goodness, I'm not the only one sick of it. We stroll through the station, and see a large family of a young girl, an older boy wearing a Prefect's Badge, two slightly younger identical boys, and another even younger boy, although this one appears to be taller and lankier than the rest. Accompanying them is a middle-aged woman. They all have red hair and faces full of freckles. These must be the infamous Weasley family. I've heard lots about this family from Uncle Lucius. According to him, they are "blood traitors", a term used for Pure-Blood families who choose to communicate with, and accept Muggles. How ridiculous, what a waste of good blood.

Draco and I are pushed forward by Uncle Lucius and we hurry toward the wall between Platform 9 and 10. We push through the Weasley family, with Lucius following closely behind. We push over the young girl, and I look back, hesitant to go help her up, but Lucius drags me through the wall. On the other side, a scarlet-red train, filled with eager Hogwarts students, awaits. This will be our ride to the school. Draco throws his luggage to the driver, and I walk over to help the driver put my luggage away. Uncle Lucius tsks at me, and I hurriedly leave the driver with the luggage, running onto the train.

We find an empty compartment, and are soon joined by a stout boy and his friend, a taller, significantly thinner boy.
"I'm Crabbe, Vincent Crabbe," mutters the larger boy.
"And I'm Gregory Goyle, but most people call me Goyle," says the thinner boy.
"That's funny, we have cousins called Greg and Vince. Anyway, I'm Hermione Riddle, and this is my cousin Draco Malfoy'" I say cheerily.
We sit in silence while the train rumbles forward. An elderly lady comes to the door.
"Anything from the trolley dears?" She ask.
"Yes please, I'm starving," I reply.
I walk over and purchase one of everything, before looking back at the boys. "Would anyone like anything?" I ask everyone.
"Yeah sure," answer Crabbe and Goyle in unison. The scary thing is, they appear to be drooling as they ogle me, looking me up and down.
"No thanks, Herms" says Draco.
I buy some food for Crabbe and Goyle, chucking it at them as I pass.
As soon as I sit on the seat, a girl walks in. She says her name is Pansy, Pansy Parkinson. The name reminds me of the flowers that grow in our garden at home, but she looks like the complete opposite. She is one ugly person, even worse looking than those lousy Weasleys'. She sits right next to Draco, and he appears to be scared. Terrified even. I don't blame him.
A tall guy wearing green robes walks into our compartment, and tells us we have to get our robes on, because we have nearly arrived at Hogwarts. He has a Prefect Badge, so he must be the Slytherin prefect. I'm going to be Slytherin prefect in 5th year, having Draco as my male counterpart, before finally becoming Head Girl. However, I'm also going to Quidditch Captain, no doubt about that. I leave the compartment for another one, just to get changed. You can never be so sure about Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy doesn't seem to mind getting changed with the boys, probably because there is no way Crabbe and Goyle would want her, but knowing them, they would be desperate for anyone.

Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy and I leave the train, and head over to a loud booming voice.
"Firs' years over here!"

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