Red light, Green light

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TW: Blood, Shooting, Death
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Reader POV

"Everyone here will participate in six different games over six days. Those who win all six games will recieve a handsome cash prize." Square strawberry announced.

Then a man asked out loud "And why she we believe that? Y-You took all our stuff and put us to sleep coming here, and then brought us to this strange warehouse. Now you're saying you'll pay us if we play a few games?"

"We reluctantly took all of those measures to maintain confidentiality as we broight you here. We'll return everything once the games are over." Square mask responded.

ANOTHER person this time a woman asked them "Why do you all have masks on?" "We do not disclose any personal information of our staff to the participants."

Saying that they are doing this to make sure everything is 'fair'. Wonder how long that'll last. I thought while rolling my eyes. Then another fucking person with glasses decided to speak up "Well I dont believe you one bit."

"Player 218, Cho Sang-woo. Age 46." Clicking a controller changing the screen above them which previously showed the number of players switched to him playing ddakji and getting fuckin smacked in the face.

"Current loss, 650 million won."
The square strawberry then proceeded to call out other player for their debt. The screen now showing more and more player playing ddakji.

"Every person in here is living on the brink of financial ruin. None of you trusted us until we promised to give you money if you won. And suddenly, everyone here trusted us. All of you vollunteering to play by your own will."

"In order to play fair we will not announce any games beforehand."
"One question!" Everyone turning around to face the man which I recognised as 456. "How much money will we get if we win."

Square mask pressed another button. The roof above us starting to open emmitting a bright yellow light. Then this humongous piggy bank emmitting the light as if it was some sort of god which in a way it was because it would give us a shit ton of money.

"If you do not wish to participate let us know at this time."


We were put in lines to sign a contract or agreement to let us know the rules of these games. Noticing I was behind miss gorgeous woman I began to play slightly with her hair. She suddenly turning around looking up at me her eyes widened and turned foward.

I didn't fail to notice her turning red. After a while miss 067 was able to sign the agreement. She started to walk away slightly turbing her head rowards me we made slight eye contact to which I winked at her. Turning her head straight she started to walk faster.

Chuckling lightly at her reaction I walked foward to sign.

Player consent form

Clause 1. A player is not allowed to stop playing.

Clause 2. A player who refuses to play will be eliminated.

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