Epilogue // Grace

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I watched as my best friend took her first dance with her new husband. I'm not a believer in love anymore, but I would be a fool if I couldn't see the love, that they have for each other, its clear as day to everyone around them.

And if anyone deserves to be loved and cherished it's Tori, she has helped me in more ways then she even knows.

It's been six months since she was shot and we almost lost her, in those last six months she has come so far.

Her and Derek have made a home for themselves with Daisy in her Nan's old beach-house, which I think her Nan would have approved off.

She's working as Nurse at River-Cove Memorial hospital.

And today she became Mrs. Henderson as she married the love of her life.

Letting my eyes move around the crowed just as they land on Jack. His eyes meet mine and everything around me stills, like it just him and me alone here but yet we're still so far away from each other.

After a long second Jack shakes his head and turns his head away, before walking away from me and I don't blame him, I deserve it after what happened with us.

I'm happy that Tori came to River-Cove and find her home, her family and found love and happiness.

And maybe in another life and if I wasn't so damaged then maybe the same could have happened for me here.

But if can't....and as much there is one man here in this little seaside town, that somehow has made his way into my heart and soul, it can't happen.

He deserves so much better than what I could ever offer him.

Jack Hayes is everything to me, but I can never be everything for him.

He deserves a good life here in River-Cove and I can't ever have that, I will always be looking over my shoulder and having to keep moving.

My fate was sealed years ago, when I was young and thought I was in love....that was the biggest mistake of my life one that I'm paying for.

Jack.....even Tori, all the people that I love, don't know about my haunted dreams or who is hiding in the shadows for me one day.

They deserve happiness and I won't drag them into my mess or have them face the devil I am running from.

Tori has her family now.

And I care about Jack too much to ever put him in harms way.

So, our story has to end before it even begins, that's just the way it has to be.

Some girls just aren't meant to have the fairy-tale love story and that girl is me.

The End

To be continued...

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