Chapter Nine

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Paisley's Point of View

Liv strutted her stuff, her golden hair swishing from left to right as she prowled beside me. She wore a tight figure hugging cloud white dress and gold jewelry to match. Her heels clacked as we stepped on the sidewalk. The bar was just further up the road and we were almost there.

We had switched Orin's vitamin pills with sleeping pills in order to knock him out for the night and in less than an hour of consumption he was fast asleep. We didn't have to worry about my mother she had always gone to bed early so as soon as the house was quiet we had then snuck out leaving the balcony door unlocked so we could sneak back in when our night of fun had ended.

I remembered sighting a cute bar infused club as I had walked to Florita's yesterday. So Liv and I had decided to go there for the evening.

"Paisley, they won't let us in. We're not twenty-one yet." She said as we strolled side by side while she applied gloss to her lips.

"Let's just hope that they don't ask for ID." I shrugged. "We look twenty-one so I'm sure they won't ask any questions." I said smiling while she was in deep thought.

"I did not get all dressed up to get rejected, how freaken embarrassing." She laughed as we were now a few footsteps away from the bar.

A big built guy stood by the entrance as he was dressed in all black from head to toe with a solemn look on his face.

Shit. He's going to reject us. Okay play it cool. Play it cool.

"Excuse me." I said as I walked past him and grabbed Liv's hand to drag her behind me. My heartbeat sped up at the thought of rejection but we had luckly made it pass without any hassle.

Damn, that was easy.

I stared over at Liv as her stone brown eyes widened with a small smile, I knew at that point she was thinking exactly what I was thinking.

"Excuse me young ladies?" Said a voice from behind us and then I turned around as my wavy espresso shade of hair swayed with my head to see that the voice had belonged to the big guy at the door.

Damn, so close but yet so far. I sighed

"You dropped your phone." He said to Liv as she walked over to him in order to retrieve it.

"Thank you." She laughed awkwardly as he gave her a polite smile and then placed the cellphone into her hand.

"No problem, enjoy your evening." He said and continued to do his job. He really sucked at his job. I mean what the hell. He had just let two eighteen year olds in without question...but then again I should be grateful for him being completely oblivious.

"Oh my god that was close." Liv whispered as we paid our entry fee with the money I had gotten from dad a few weeks ago.

We had then entered the bar to notice that the vibe was incredible. People were moving to the loud music as it boomed from the speakers causing my body to immediately dance to the beat without me even thinking about it. Liv perked up as soon as she noticed the bar counter and shlepped me to where the drinks were flowing.

"Vodka shots! Vodka shots! Vodka shots!" She chanted over the volume of the music which caused me to laugh loudly.

"You're crazy!" I said as I leaned in closer to her and yelled into her ear while creating the letter "c" with my hand as I cupped it around my mouth.

We had finally reached the front after a few people had crowded before us and Liv had decided to take the lead by ordering our shots.

"Four vodka shots please." She raised her voice as she leaned over the bar counter and spoke to the adorable dark haired bartender.

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