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WARNING: This story is very old so it will contain many grammar errors. I suggest reading my new work instead of my older work since my writing has changed and it has become better. If you continue to read, please do not complain on the comments about the grammar issues or how cringy it is. This story was written a VERY long time ago. Consider yourself warned. (Also if you see notifications that this was uploaded, I'm sorry, I had unpublished the story accidentally so now I have to publish it back again, yay lmao)

Ah, the sweet sound of freedom. That is the sound of the last bell ringing, last day of school! Freedom!

Everyone in the class cheered and threw their papers up in the air. Typical last day of school as seen in all the movies. The air was filled with hundreds of papers, the teacher of course didn't look all happy. She would have to clean it afterwards.

Everyone rushed out of their seats and ran towards the door, the faster you leave the better. But everyone was now stuck on the door. It's not such a good idea for everyone to go through the door at once. I gave them all a little push and just like a bar of butter they all slipped through and fell on the other side.

There were a few giggles and a few curses here and there but I happily jumped over the mess and made my way down the hall to meet my best friend, Kelly.

She was standing in front of her locker, just like she texted me she would. She was taking out the last minute things from her locker and packed them in her book bag. She smiled and waved when she saw me.

I skipped over the falling bodies of people wrestling on the floor, yeah my school is a mess. And it's even messier when it's the last day of school and everyone is trying to escape the zoo.

"Kelly!" I screamed at her.

"Jamie!" She screamed back and giggled.

Every time we saw each other we had to do this. Scream each others name. No matter where we were. Even in a church or a library. If we saw each other we had to do it. It's a best friend rule. A rule that we made up when we were ten of course.

Kelly was something stunning, she was beautiful. Long straight black hair with blonde streaks. And they were all natural! No dye, all real. She had gorgeous big brown eyes. As brown as chocolate. It was just a big puddle of chocolate. But her eyes were non-edible. 

She was jamming to her ipod music. Shaking her body awkwardly which made me look around to make sure no one was looking. I laid against the lockers and watched her impatiently. She took her time.

You're probably wondering why I'm impatient. Well no reason, only that my uncle John was outside waiting for us to go to the best vacation ever. And Kelly was coming along.

The vacation is nothing like Disney World or Italy. But it's a family vacation. We're headed up into the mountains and staying at a cabin that my parents rented. It's going to be great because my cousins are coming, my big sister is coming with her friend, Uncles and aunts are coming. It's all going to be great.

And after I saw pictures of the cabin I swear I almost had a baby. It was so big and brown. I've never seen wood so beautiful as that. So I couldn't wait to see it in person. But we will never get there if Kelly doesn't stop dancing awkwardly in front of everyone.

She was driving attention now. Eyes were roaming at us and I blushed. So the only way to break the embarrassment was to dance along. I don't know what music she was listening to but by the looks of it she was dancing to pop. I'm more of a screamo or metal type of guy but pop is alright and it's fun to dance to.

"Freaks!" Someone shouted from behind me. 

"Say it to my face Daniel!" Kelly stopped dancing and became a man. She acted tough and gangsta as she disappeared behind me.

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