Day 16: Dark Clubs Make For Awkward Conversations

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        Cause your sex takes me to paradise.


Start Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

End Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

Via: The White Rabbit


7:13PM (GMT) / 8:13PM (Local Time)


The four of us all woke up late.

Levi had been out exploring until the early hours again and after the concert Rosie, El and I had been out for a single drink with our new friends. Ending with awkward goodbyes and Jack and Rosie swapping numbers.

And so there had been groans around the room when Levi bounded in, threw open the curtains and proclaimed that we were all going out tonight.

It was understandable that he wanted to something fun, there was – after all – a small break between concerts and so if we are all going to have a night out together then tonight was the night but that didn’t make us any more willing to get up and so Levi was forced to resort to borrowing a pan from the kitchen.

So it was with blurry eyes that we prepped for the evening, straightners and curlers out and at the ready.

And that it why we are stood outside a slightly dodgy looking club in the only decent dresses we have brought on the trip with us on looking at Levi as if he has just grown a second head. At this point nothing would surprise me.

“Are you sure we’re at the right place?” Rosie asks accusingly.

Levi has promised us a popular club just on the outskirts of Copenhagen where it was rumoured that Ed Sheeran had hung out at once.

And yet we are stood in front of a building – which looks just about ready to fall down – it’s neon sign casting a faint shimmer of light across the street. The White Rabbit looks nothing like I expected, it looks, to put it frankly, like a dump.

Somehow though, Levi’s enthusiasm refuses to be dampened and so he grabs a hold of my hand and tugs me gently towards the door, the other two follow after us looking as – if not more – reluctant as I feel. Levi is going to have to put in a lot of effort to make us enjoy tonight.

Once we get inside things seem marginally better. Decent music is playing, lots of people are dancing and there is a bar. I watch as Rosie becomes more accepting of the place, holding onto the hope that the damp on the walls will disappear when we have a few drinks in our system. If not then I’m not entirely sure how we are going to last the night, we’re not really massive partiers in the best of situations.

It is dark inside, the only light from some ancient looking lanterns that hang on the wall.

Almost as soon as we arrive, Rosie is trying to drag El and me onto the dance floor. I am able to refuse, Elise is not as lucky.

And so Levi and I are left alone and for a moment there is a beat of awkwardness.

“Drink?” he asks me after a few seconds.

I only nod in response, sure that he would not be able to hear me over the heavy thrum of music anyway.

We make our way over to the bar, pushing past what seems like thousands of people. Although this place looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in months, it still appears to be popular, at least with the locals – and celebrities if the rumours are to be believed, they are rumours for a reason after all.

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