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TW: Cussing, Blood
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Reader POV

Standing at the corner of a street in sweatpants, oversized sweater and a mask to conceal my identity. This suspicious ass gray van stopped right in front of me. Beforehand I had hid my pocket knife in my bra/sports bra.
Can't touch my fucking tit because I wont let you.

I walked towards the window to tell the driver the password.
The driver had a red boiler suit along with a mask covering their whole face with a circle around the area of their forehead.

"Ms. Gae?"
"Uh yes..
Red light, Green light
That's the password"

The driver didn't speak a word until I heard the door open letting me know I was allowed inside.
Entering the van I saw that everyone was asleep.

Seeing this I adjusted my mask. Until gas starting to appear around me that I pretended to knock out. I still kept my eyes closed succumbing into the warm embrance of Hypnos.


I woke up with my eyes shut feeling hands change my shirt, sweatpants, and sweater. Peeking my eye open I noticed the outfit was green. Luckily they didn't touch anywhere near my pocket knife.

I don't look good in green

The red boilersuits then started to roll me away taking me to another area and set me on a bed. Deciding I should sleep again just so they don't get suspicious that I woke up earlier than anyone else.


I woke up to the sound of blaring classical music. Sitting up and rubbing my eyes awake I took time to register where I was. Seeing a black board at the corner of my eye I noticed it said 457 number of players.

Goddamn thats a shit ton of people.
How the fuck am I gonna this damn.

Look down onto my outfit I noticed it was basically a green tracksuit.
Near my breast pocket I noticed a number it was 333. Grabbing my small knife setting it in my pocket so I can reach it easier. Seeing everyone gather in the middle of the room I decided to get off my small ass bed and join them.

While walking to the middle I heard commotion.

"You little shit!" A loud smack following his yell. Walking through the crowd to see who it was I saw a man with greasy hair reaching his neck while having a snake tattoo near his jaw. Laughing at the victim he smacked. Number 101.

A woman was on the ground with her black hair reaching her neck. Bleeding from her mouth her lips now rosy red.
Number 067.

She's fuckin pretty

067 then looked back to look at 101.
"Hey! Wow. It really is a small world, huh." 67 standing up straight while he continued. "Look at those eyes. You still have that temper, huh" 101 said. "Then again...nobody broke your spirit, you could always take a hit... I took care of you, I fed you, I taught you when you had nowhere else. And this is what I get?."

"You took more from me than whatever I might possibly owe" 067 responded back to the man. "If all of that is true, then why did you run." "Well I didn't. I went independent." The man started to cackle. "Independent?" He said mocking her.

101 sighed before throwing a punch to which 067 doged by leaning back. Everyone in the crowd gasping while I just raised an eyebrow. I can't believe a 30 year old man was fighting with a 20 year old woman.

101 then walked forward grabbing 067's collar to which she grabbed his arm trying to pry him off. He slid his leg underneath her which threw her off balance and she landed painfully on her back. Wincing as I remembered how that felt.

067 started to stand up but halfway 101 grabbed the back of her sweater throwing her across merely a few feet.
Again she tried to get up before she was kicked in the by the greasy looking man.

Laying on the ground her face against the pavement was she grabbed by her hair forced to sit up by Number 101.
"Independent,huh? Are you some kind of activist?" Her started to grip her hair more harshly. "Come on then, go wave a flag. Oh that's right" Number 101 said with obvious fake sympathy. "You're from North Korea huh? Then go wave theirs. Hmm?"

Then Number 456 pushes 101 grabbing the collar of 067 making her sit up while she groaned in pain. "Hey you come here. Hold still." Number 456 said grabbing her hair he turned her head to the side a scar appearing.

"Oh. That scar on your neck. Your that damn pickpocket! You loser. My money, give it back. Where is it!?" Repeatedly shaking her. "You took it. I need it--Ah!" 456 being pushed away from the gorgeous woman by number 101.

456 falling on his side frantically stood up. "What the hell?" He said. "What do you think you're doing?" 101 asked 456. "Me? Uh,well...look. The name's Seong Gi-hun from Ssangnum-dong" "Hey Ssangnim-dong shit. Me and this little bitch weren't done talking."

Being annoyed by grown ass men fighting because they want to fight with a woman. I walked up behind both of them and grabbed them by their hair tightly they would've thought their mother was brushing their hair.

Throwing them both to the ground I dusted of my hands before turning around with my hands on my waist. "You guys act like fucking 5 years olds fighting for a toy car." Rolling my eyes at them I walked over to the pretty lady handing my hand out to her she looked up and made eye contact with me.

Staring at me for a few seconds I asked her "I know I'm fucking gorgeous put don't leave my hand out like that." Snapping out of her daze she took my hand to which I noticed felt soft as a baby.

Helping her stand up straight I noticed the wide metal doors open with 9 men in boiler suits to which I will call strawberries~. Eight of the strawberries had circles while one had a square.

The strawberries entered the room, spreading out into a line from left to right. Square strawberry stepped foward. Looking around I noticed how everyone's eyes were on them while doing so I glanced at 067.

Square strawberry then said
"I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you all"

Word count: 1104

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