Part 5

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I was sitting in traffic with Eugene when he suddenly grabbed my hand "Y/N I really like y--"

"Y/N Y/N"A voice sung trough my apartment and was I really having dreams about Eugene good god.

"Why did I ever give you a key" I said rolling over and ending up rolling on to the floor.

"Hey I thought we were friends" Ashley said looking at me.

"We are, so why are you here my darling Ashly" I said giving her a wide smile.

"Eugene is going to be a wee bit late today, so I was sent to get you but I made a deal with him and he kind of agreed on your part" She said the last part all in one breathe.

"What was it" I said cringing away from the light as I pulled on some pants.

"I get to dress you for after work drinks tonight" she said giggling.

"Please no!!"

"Come on I just want you to show I wee bit skin so Eugene can get some ideas"

"God no have you never heard of the rule don't screw the crew and also I don't like him why don't you show some skin for Andrew" I said talking to her from inside my wardrobe

"ok no I don't know what that means and also I am going to pretend I didn't hear what you just said because you totally like Eugene" she replied I could tell she was around my room "are you ready yet?" Ashley groaned

"bro you just woke me up I still have to do my hair" I exited my wardrobe holding my hair brush "also this looks fine right" I was wearing black skinny jeans a white, baggy tank top with a large coat over top

"Yes oh so causal, but won't you get hot' she questioned

"it's like a decoration coat so nah probably not"? I finally got all of the tangles out so my hair was now wavy "I just have to feed the kittens and then we can go" Just as I said that two little gingers ran into my room "Hugo, Sparta come on lets go feed you"

"You named your kitten Sparta?'

"Well his full name is Spartacat but yes"

"And Hugo?"

"From a book" I said reaching up into the top cupboard to get their food "ok we can finally go"

Ashley and I sat beside each other in her car singing along to the radio getting weird looks from the people sitting near us in traffic we pulled into the parking lot and got the same look from Quinta "hey" I said getting out of the car

"Hi girls how are you" she asked

"Good" we said at the same time and started laughing on the way inside.

"Hey girls" Our boss said walking past us

"Hey" we replied I may or may not still not know his name but come on there's so many names to learn I all most know ever ones names which I think is good because not everyone is in the videos.

We had gotten there early but when almost everyone did show up, our boss told us there would be a very important meeting I just hoped that the guys would turn up by then yes by this time Eugene, Ned and Zach still hadn't arrived. Ashly came over and put her head on my shoulder it was funny we had only known each other for, barley a week and we were already like peas in a pod.

"Missing Eugene god Y/N it's only been one morning where he didn't come pick you up and you can't last how you are going to cope over the weekend"

"Shut up Ashly" I said just as the guys came through the door laughing

"hello ladies" Eugene said pulling his usual charm but I couldn't help but notice the poorly covered hickey on his neck and felt a small pang a jealousy but it's not like I had feelings for him and no I wasn't turning into one of those classic girls who don't know the like him till the end of the book... or movie I am not breaking forth walls before I could give him a sassy some back because I am so sassy, don't question it our boss called us over to him

"Ok I have chosen 15 of you for something we haven't done before I was already thinking about doing this and then Y/N came and I thought it was a perfect idea" we all stared at him waiting for him to continue "you guys are going camping together and we are going to film it!' he said happily

Is my life turning into one of those movies I swear if anyone tells me they are in love with me or comes out of the closet I will leave forever and go live in my bed but then again I would love a stereotypical gay friend Ashly looked at me smiling "when will we be leaving for this trip" Ashly said

"This Monday we will leave and return on the Saturday is that ok guys" WE couldn't really disagree with our boss so we nodded.

other than that it was a normal work day until it ended and Eugene came over to my desk where I was packing up my things "hey Y/N I am so sorry I couldn't pick you up this morning do you want a ride home?' he grinned a me

"Its fine Eugene and I would like a rise if that's o-" didn't get to finish my sentence because Ashley came over and grabbed my hand

"You got to take her home the other day she is mine" Ashley said pulling to the door I turned and waved at Eugene just as I was pulled out the door

"Ok try this and this" Ashly handed me a tight, short dress I have always regretted buying

"mm how about NO' I said pushing them back at her stood up and went into my wardrobe that was unreasonably big and made my mass of clothes look small and I pulled out one of my favourite dresses I stopped just above the knee and showed a small bit cleavage it was light pink with a darker pink belt I usually wear darker colours but Ashly wouldn't let me I also pulled out some strappy, tan heels

"Oh that is so cute go put it on" Ashly said closing the door I knew it looked fine but was worried that someone wouldn't like it I just couldn't place who.

Hey guys I finally updated but I thought I would write that well you weren't born in the US and I was wondering where you would like her/you to be from I was thinking she could be from New Zealand but that's just cause I live in there so thought that would be cool but could you please tell me and also I did add my kittens into the story don't judge their names ok guys but any way if I have made any mistakes or anything please tell me

Love you guys :-P

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