I'm starting to think her mum isn't coming. It's been two weeks, the house sold, Cassie has temporarily moved... at least that's what Michael says. I stopped helping her, she looks at me upset and confused like its my fault.

At school she still hangs with us, predominantly mikey and Luke.

"You know what I want to do?" "mmh yeah" "uh huh" I'lll hear her giggle that to Luke and then they make some lame excuse before going to the bathroom

I'm really not sure if they're going out together... or just hooking up. But today he seems really torn up. Michael won't say why because he's sworn to, but Cass hasn't been at school for the past 3 days.

"is she okay" I see Luke ask, a worried expression taking over his face

"look who's whipped now" I whisper

"Hey" I see Michael turn around on me "At least he fucking asked about her. What have you done? You're the one who was suppose to be her best friend"

I shrug it off and continue to slurp my milkshake "yeah, so?"

"She asks about you. She was so fucking worried when you pulled that stunt. Honestly, what the fuck were you thinking after drinking all that beer. Now I have her staying at my place, and you haven't said anything about her. She's been waiting, giving you time to recuperate but what have you been doing? Huh? drinking all my liquor and buying more when it runs out. Well fuck you mate"

"Hey, fuck off. I have my own problems"

"So?" Michael shoves me

"Excuse me mate. did you just push me?" I say a bit angry

"yeah I did, you're an asshole(arsehole) I want you to talk to her today"

"No dude, she's sick. I've got things to do and I don't wanna be sick"

"Shove off mate. You can't really be that fucking stupid" Michael stares into my eyes

"WHat?" I say

Luke just stares at me and frowns

"You're an actual idiot. Wow cal, you're not an asshole you're just an imbecile" Michael laughs before saying enraged "She's having fucking withdrawls. She's at home in a fetal position trying to fight off the monsters telling her to do it again. She did it for you, she saw what happened to you and wanted to get better. And for all we fucking know you could be an alcoholic. Just great. perfect, we get rid of one addict and get another. just bloody hell. Remember that promise you made to be with her when she went through this?  Good thing Ash has your back and is there. God forbid she be alone like she thought."

The cafeteria stares at us watching us like some reality show.  And then I realise just what happened, exactly how much of a shit friend I am. She needs me and the one thing I promised to do, and I let her down just like everyone else in her life. She probably fucking hates me now

"I'll be back" I mutter sheepishly before running off. I run as fast as I can to Michael's, at this point not even facing Mum or the principal could stop me.I don't look back even as the principal yells for me to return to school

----Sorry I've been crap at these chapters. It took forever to figure out how to get from point A to point B, but it's all g now. This is chapter 16, but there will be around 20 chapters followed by a sequel! Thanks for the support please comment

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