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TW: Cussing, Getting smacked

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Reader POV

Waking up to the alarm set on my phone. I got up ready to go to my job at the cafe. Setting a pocket knife into my sweater.

I walked down a few empty roads until I felt as if I was being watched. I stopped walking and sat on a bench waiting for a person to walk by or to try and spot the damn stalker.

Feeling a presence approach me to my right and sit down next to me. I looked down as if I was ignoring them.
"Hello Ma'am" The strange man said to me.

Looking at him I noticed he was a pretty attractive man. He looked to be put together. Dressed in a suit with a briefcase with who knows what inside.

He sent a charming smile my way. "May I talk to you?" Slightly nodding my head forward as a yes he continued. "Would you like to play a game?" "That sounded predatory" I said.  Frantically waving his hands in a 'no ' motion. "No no no I didn't mean to make it sound that way" The man said.

He looked at my bandaged face noticing that I had a blank look finding amusement at finding the put together man being frantic.
"I know what you meant" I said.

The man was glad that the misunderstanding was cleared. Clearing his throat he said "Have you played ddakji before? "


And this is how I ended up with a red cheek and 50,000 won ($42.37 usd)

Being content with what I have I put it in my sweater pocket.
"You know ma'am there are other games like this where you can make more." "Really?" I questioned. "Yes.. Yes there is" the man said.

"Ms. Gae" Shooting the man a confused look. I never gave him my name.. I didn't even give him my surname the fuck?

"Your name is Gae Y/N. You are 21 years old. You work at a small cafe. You are also 20 million won ($8,473.16 usd) in debt to creditors because of your father."

"How do you know all this?" I asked. Shocked and freaked out about how this random man knew so much about me and the debt I had to pay.

He gave me a yellow card. "We don't have many spots left. Think about it."
He sent a charming smile my way and walked around a corner to never be seen again.

Looking at the card which had 3 shapes.
A square, triangle, and circle
Flipping over the card I saw a phone number.



"Hello? You told me to call you if I wanted to play a game" "If you wish to participate, please state your name and birth date."

Gae Y/n
May 24, 2000

Word Count: 477

Gae is suiting for her/them because they are in fact gay

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